ATM User in New York City Attacked by Man With a Hatchet

A New York City man attempting to use an ATM was recently attacked by another man with a hatchet.

The New York Post obtained a surveillance video of the incident, which showed one man standing at an ATM machine while another walks into the bank wearing a protective face mask and holding a hatchet in his hand.

As the video continues, the man with the hatchet can then be seen walking closer to the ATM user and striking him first in the leg and then again on the upper body. The man using the ATM attempts to fight back but the hatchet wielder continues to attack.

The video then shows the ATM user's face covered in blood after being hit with the hatchet. The ATM user then falls several times before he is able to flee the scene. The man with the hatchet can be seen walking back toward the ATMs and striking them with the weapon. He then drops the hatchet inside the bank and walks out, the video showed.

According to the New York Police Department (NYPD), the incident occurred on Sunday, at around 5:22 p.m. local time. The ATM was located inside of a Chase Bank near 42 Broadway, a spokesperson for the NYPD told Newsweek.

"A 50-year-old male victim reported to police that when he entered the ATM vestibule at the location he was struck with a hatchet multiple times in his head and leg by an unknown individual," the NYPD spokesperson told Newsweek.

After the incident, the 51-year-old victim was transported to Bellevue Hospital by Emergency Medical Service (EMS) personnel. The victim was transported to the hospital in stable condition, police said.

The NYPD spokesperson told Newsweek a suspect was arrested on Wednesday morning following the attack. The suspect was identified as 37-year-old Aaron Garcia and he was charged with attempted murder, assault and criminal mischief.

While speaking with the New York Post, the unidentified victim said, "A man was there with a hatchet and [hit] my head...and my leg."

A somewhat similar incident occurred in Manhattan's Upper East Side in April when the NYPD arrested a woman after she attacked another woman with a hatchet inside an apartment.

According to police, the 22-year-old suspect attacked the 28-year-old female victim after the two got into an argument. The suspect then fled the apartment and climbed down a fire escape. She then hid in a freight elevator in another building before being removed and arrested by police.

The New York Police Department arrested a suspect on Wednesday after he attacked an ATM user with a hatchet. Above, a New York City police SUV with two NYPD counter terrorism officers sits on Broadway in New York, New York on April 15, 2016. Raymond Boyd/Getty