'Attack on Titan' Fans Share Their Shock After 'Phenomenal' Eren Yeager Twist

Attack on Titan Episode 79 revealed several shocking twists, particularly to do with lead character Eren Yeager and his motivations.

The latest episode of the anime, titled "Memories of the Future," saw Eren and his brother Zeke look back at their father Grisha's memories.

**Warning this episode contains spoilers for Attack on Titan Episode 79**

Eren and Zeke witnessed their patriarch's past when they left the Paths in the aftermath of the shocking moment when the protagonist's head was severed clean from his body by Gabi.

The episode saw Zeke show Eren his early life from their father's point of view and also explained how Grisha came to control the Founding Titan.

Zeke took them on the journey in order to show Eren "the way" and try and get him to follow with his euthanization plan, but it turned out that actually his brother was only playing along to further his own gains.

The episode reached its climax by revisiting the moment Grisha went after the Reiss family and threatened to kill them to gain control of the Founding Titan.

However, in a shocking twist, it was revealed that Grisha was actually unable to go through with the attack because he didn't want to kill children, and this was the moment Eren struck by persuading his father to go forward with the massacre.

In the episodes final moments Grisha revealed to Zeke that Eren has the power to see the future, and it was him who set the Titans—and himself—on their path to bring chaos to the world that fans have witnessed from the start.

He then begged his eldest son to try and stop Eren, because it's the protagonist's plan and not his that will succeed.

Attack on Titan
Episode 79 of "Attack on Titan" Season 4 Part 2 featured a shocking twist for its lead character Eren Yeager. Hajime Isayama, KODANSHA/"Attack on Titan" The Final Season Production Committee

Fans Share Their Shock After 'Phenomenal' Eren Twist

Fans were, understandably, shocked by the reveal of Eren's true nature and how the episode set the scene for the rest of the anime as a whole.

Taking to Twitter to share their shock, one fan wrote: "Episode 79: This episode was phenomenal. It's insane how it wasn't Grisha setting up Eren. It was Eren setting up Grisha to set up Eren."

Another viewer gushed: "What a episode damn. That is now what's called The Plot. Eren just scammed the whole AOT world. Jeez that was something. I need time to process everything!"

Several fans were shocked by the character's darker turn in the episode, and one said "Eren, who the hell are you?" while another added "Eren this entire episode...chills."

Other fans who have read the completed manga series the anime is based on and know where the story will go shared their excitement over what was to come.

One said: "Episode 79 of Attack on Titan!! Even when I know what's going to happen, seeing these reveals still gives me goosebumps!! TATAKAE, EREN!!"

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 airs weekly on Sundays on Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Hulu.