Aubrey Huff Rages at Gabe Kapler and San Francisco Giants Players Kneeling

Former MLB star Aubrey Huff has criticized San Francisco Giants players for kneeling during the national anthem ahead of their exhibition game against the Oakland Athletics on Monday.

In a series of tweets, Huff took aim at the Black Lives Matter movement and claimed he was proud not to be invited to the franchise's 10-year celebration of their last World Series triumph.

Giants manager Gabe Kapler and several players, including right fielder Jaylin Davis, knelt during the anthem at Oakland Coliseum, as did first base coach Antoan Richardson.

Shortstop Brandon Crawford, meanwhile, stood between Davis and Richardson with a hand on each of their shoulders.

The MLB's official Twitter account shared a clip of players and coaches kneeling, but Huff was far from impressed.

"I'm proud to not be invited to the San Francisco Giants 10 year World Series reunion. I'm Pro America," the two-time World Series winner tweeted in response to the clip shared by the MLB.

When the Giants shared the same clip with a caption reading "Black Lives Matter," Huff replied with a tweet stating: "All Lives Matter."

I’m proud to not be invited to the @SFGiants 10 year WS reunion. I’m PRO America. @MLB #Merica 🇺🇸🇺🇸

— Aubrey Huff (@aubrey_huff) July 21, 2020

In February, the Giants confirmed they would not invite Huff to a reunion of their 2010 World Series-winning team, which is due in August, due to offensive comments he made on social media.

In November last year, he posted a picture on Twitter of him holding a shooting target with holes, suggesting he was teaching his boys how to use a gun in the "unlikely event" Bernie Sanders beat Donald Trump in the presidential elections.

Two months later, he posted a tweet suggesting kidnapping Iranian women, before subsequently deleting it and claiming it was meant as a joke to illustrate the difficult conditions he perceived Iranian women to be living under.

On Monday, Huff fired shots at Kapler, sarcastically suggesting his decision to kneel proved he was the perfect hire for the "woke" Giants, who hired the 2004 World Series winner as their manager in November last year.

.@gabekapler kneeling for the anthem is standard operating procedure for the “woke” SJW @SFGiants. Great hire guys.

— Aubrey Huff (@aubrey_huff) July 21, 2020

He also blasted the Giants and the MLB for supporting the players and coaches who took a knee.

"Way to go San Francisco Giants and MLB, you had a chance to take people's mind off the crazy world they live in," he tweeted.

"Instead you reminded them of the world they are trying to escape."

Way to go @SFGiants & @mlb you had a chance to take people’s mind off the crazy world they live in. Instead you reminded them of the world they are trying to escape.

— Aubrey Huff (@aubrey_huff) July 21, 2020

Speaking after the Giants defeated the Athletics 6-2, Kapler said he had told his players earlier in the day that they would have the full support of the franchise, regardless of what they decided to do.

"I wanted them to know that I wasn't pleased with the way our country has handled police brutality and I told them I wanted to amplify their voices and I wanted to amplify the voice of the Black community and marginalized communities as well," Kapler told reporters after the game.

"So I told them that I wanted to use my platform to demonstrate my dissatisfaction with the way we've handled racism in our country.

"I wanted to demonstrate my dissatisfaction with our clear systemic racism in our country and I wanted them to know that they got to make their own decisions and we would respect and support those decisions. I wanted them to feel safe in speaking up."

Taking a knee during the national anthem has been a thorny political issue since Colin Kaepernick first knelt during the anthem to protest against police brutality and racial inequality in 2016.

Following George Floyd's death while in police custody on May 25 and the return to prominence of the Black Lives Matter movement, several leagues and franchises have taken a strong stance against racism.

A number of NFL players have pledged to emulate Kaepernick and take a knee when the season begins on September 10, while the NBA has given the players the opportunity to wear a social justice message on their jerseys when the season resumes at the end of the month.

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Austin Slater #13 and Jaylin Davis #49 of the San Francisco Giants kneel during the National Anthem before their exhibition game against the Oakland Athletics at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on July 20 in Oakland, California. Ezra Shaw/Getty