Man Who Strangled Sister to Death Believed His Chicken Dinner Was Possessed by Satan

A man strangled his sister to death after believing his chicken dinner was possessed by the devil, a court has heard.

Khalid Ashraf, 32, choked his sister Sarah Ashraf to death after she came to visit him at his apartment in Tower Hamlets, London, in January, London's Metropolitan Police said. He later told police that he had killed his 35-year-old sister because he had been told to do so by Satan and his Buddhist leader.

The court heard Ashraf became depressed after being diagnosed with HIV in 2011, Metro reported. Prosecutors said he had worked as an auditor at KPMG for eight years until October 2018, according to the newspaper.

Police said his sister had come to stay with him in his two-bedroom flat after she became concerned about his mental health, although he had not been diagnosed with an illness.

According to Metro, Sarah Ashraf told her boyfriend about her concerns after Ashraf told her "that the chicken on his plate had been talking to him," the court heard.

Prosecutor James Mulholland said Ashraf later told police he had killed his sister and said: "Satan whispers into people's ears and he used manipulation and lies to commit acts," the website reported.

Judge Richard Marks QC described the case as "tragic" as Ashraf's sister had cared for him like a mother, Metro added.

The judge ordered for Ashraf to be sent to a psychiatric facility after accepting his plea based on evidence from psychiatrists who determined that he was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

Officers were called to Ashraf's apartment when a concerned neighbor alerted police after seeing blood on his front door at around 6:20 p.m. on January 5. But when they arrived, the blood from the door was gone. Sarah Ashraf's body was found in a bedroom in the apartment and Ashraf was arrested.

Ashraf later underwent a mental health assessment and it was established that he was suffering from paranoid psychosis and had been mentally ill at the time of his sister's killing.

He pleaded not guilty to murder at the Old Bailey in September, but admitted to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. He was sentenced to a hospital order at the court on Wednesday.

Under the order, Ashraf will be detained in a mental health institution until he is deemed fit and no longer a risk to the public, police said.

Following the sentencing, Detective Chief Inspector Paul Considine of Specialist Crime said the "Ashraf family have been devastated" by the tragedy and urged anyone who is concerned about the mental health of a friend or family member to seek help on their behalf.

"Sarah recognised that her brother's mental health was deteriorating and went to his flat to care for him," Considine said.

"We will never know what the catalyst was that led to Khalid killing his sister but he and his family will have to live with the loss of their loved one for the remainder of their lives. I would urge anyone that is concerned about the mental health of a friend or family member to seek help on their behalf."

Khalid ashraf
Khalid Ashraf was suffering from a mental illness when he choked his 35-year-old sister to death and said Satan had told him to kill her. Metropolitan Police