Python Found Lurking in Family BBQ With Belly Full of Chicken Eggs

A carpet python found lurking in a family barbecue this week was taken for an X-ray after a snake catcher felt multiple bumps on its body.

Stuart McKenzie, owner of relocation service Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, uploaded footage of the encounter to his Facebook page on Wednesday, saying in the video he initially feared the reptile may have mistakenly ingested golf balls.

McKenzie said he was called out to a home in Buderim, a region of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, after residents were surprised by the snake during an attempt to barbecue some steaks. The python was found coiled along the back of the grill.

In the cell phone footage, the expert snake wrangler is seen removing a cover from the cooking appliance before spotting the snake's head poking up from behind. McKenzie noted that snakes are often attracted to BBQs due to their warmth or remnants of food.

McKenzie was seen carefully removing the non-venomous constrictor from the BBQ and instantly feeling protrusions, saying it could have possibly eaten eggs.

The theory proved correct after a visit to the Chancellor Park Veterinary Surgery's Animal Emergency Service (AES), with an X-ray showing four large eggs in its belly.

McKenzie said that it was a good result, adding: "I had a small feeling that it could have been golf balls but I am glad it's just chicken eggs, he is all good to be released."

Snake in a BBQ, but what is in his belly!!??I headed over to a home in Buderim where they were looking to cook up 2 huge T-bone steaks however much to...

According to a profile on the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 website, the carpet python's typical diet consists of mammals such as rodents and possums, along with reptiles, birds and frogs. They have sharp teeth, but no fangs or venom.

"The Carpet Python is by far the most commonly encountered species of snake within the Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Deception bay regions," the profile explained. "They basically occupy all habitats and will be found in all suburbs within the area."

The species can reach 11 foot in length but the average size usually caught is closer to 6.5 foot. The estimated length of the BBQ-dwelling python was not clear. Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 has been connected for comment by Newsweek.

McKenzie explained in the Facebook post on Wednesday: "Thankfully [the residents] hadn't turned the BBQ on and I headed over and relocated him.

"The snake had eaten some egg-shaped objects and I just wanted to be sure they were in fact eggs, so I took it to the Animal Emergency Service for a quick X-Ray. We were able to confirm from the X-Ray that it was just chicken eggs. Great result! "

The snake was released back into some bushland. "It's... still warm enough that he will be able to digest that food and be out looking for the next feed," McKenzie said.

Carpet Python (Morelia spilota) stock photo
Stock: Carpet Python (Morelia spilota) stock photo. A carpet python found lurking in a family’s barbecue this week was taken for an X-ray after a snake catcher felt multiple bumps on its body. iStock