Enormous Snake Tries to Eat Possum While Hanging Upside Down

A huge snake has been caught on camera trying to devour a fully-grown possum while hanging upside down, shocking social media users.

A picture of the slithering predator with its jaws grasping its prey's head was shared to Facebook on Tuesday by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, which is a reptile removal service covering the snake-filled region of southern Queensland, Australia.

Another snap, taken after the possum was stolen from the snake by gravity, showed the python looking down from above, looming close to the roof of a building.

Stuart McKenzie, who is the owner of the long-running relocation outfit, said in a caption that the "huge food item" had been "too heavy and big" for the snake to handle.

"Have a look at the size of this possum this snake took down. The Carpet Python did its best to try and eat it upside down but the possum proved too heavy for the snake to hold," he wrote in a post that has attracted hundreds of comments and shares.

Responses to the images came thick and fast, as some voiced sadness for the deceased prey while others joked about the reptile's hunting skills.

"Snake got his abilities mixed up with his aspirations!" one person wrote. Another user added: "Eyes too big for the snake's stomach, unfortunately for the possum."

According to the Queensland government, the region is home to roughly 120 species of snake, with approximately 65 percent of those being venomous.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers says in a fact-sheet that Carpet Pythons have no fangs or venom, but can puncture with a "mouthful of small sharp needle-like teeth."

It explains: "The Carpet Python is by far the most commonly encountered species of snake within the Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Deception bay regions. They basically occupy all habitats and will be found in all suburbs within the area. They are often found within close proximity to homes and are often not too bothered by human presence compared to other shy snake species. Often found in roof spaces making the most of the rats, mice and possums running around up there."

It appears the reptile service has been busy in recent weeks, and is no stranger to social media posts detailing its close encounters going semi-viral online.

On September 7, it posted footage showing a massive Carpet Python that made its way into a home and positioned itself prominently on a child's bed.

"It just so happened that he had his electric blanket on and the snake thought it would make the most of the warmth during this cold rainy weather. What an absolute beauty!" the team wrote on Facebook, also sharing a picture taken during the relocation.

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Posted by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 on Sunday, September 6, 2020
Australian Coastal Carpet Python
File photo: Australian Coastal Carpet Python. A picture of the predator with its jaws grasping its prey’s head was shared to Facebook on Tuesday by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, iStock