Snake Catcher Shares 'Chaotic' Video of Deadly Serpent in Woman's Bedroom

A reptile catcher in Australia has released footage of a "chaotic" scene this week during an encounter with a deadly brown snake.

Stuart McKenzie, of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, posted footage to Facebook on Wednesday showing how a callout to help relocate the highly venomous reptile had escalated quickly when the homeowner's pet dog rushed into the room.

The incident took place at a residence in Sippy Downs, a suburb of the Sunshine Coast region in Queensland, McKenzie confirmed in the video.

The footage showed the snake expert arriving at the home under the impression that the snake was contained inside a closet, but as he approached, it became apparent that it had escaped and was on the loose in the bedroom, slithering beside a window.

The reptile was instantly identified as a baby eastern-brown snake, which experts say is considered to be one of the most venomous snakes in the world. The species, which has powerful venom, is tied to more deaths than any other snake in the country.

"You can see he is pretty fired up," the catcher could be heard saying about the snake as the homeowner's dog entered the room and started to growl and bark.

The brown snake initially evaded capture by moving around under the back of the bed but was picked up and placed into a bag after a tense couple of minutes. The footage ende with the small-bodied snake being safely released into the wild.

McKenzie said: "This little fella is ready to go back into the bush. That was a bit chaotic, there was a dog running around the bedroom, the lady was up on the bed keeping safe, but we were able to get the little fella back into the bush where he belongs."

Chaotic Brown Snake Call In Bedroom!Wowzas, this call got a bit dramatic quickly. When I arrived I thought the snake was secured but I heard the lady...

In a caption with the video, he elaborated on the job, writing: "Wowzas, this call got a bit dramatic quickly. When I arrived I thought the snake was secured but I heard the lady yelling that it was on the move in her bedroom and she was up on the bed.

"When I came in to try and catch it, her dog came running in and at one stage both the dog and the Brown snake were under her bed... Thankfully we got the dog out quickly and I was eventually able to bag up the small danger size eastern brown snake."

According to a profile from the Australian Museum, the snake is described as an "alert, nervous species" that will "often react defensively if surprised or cornered."

It warns: "Anyone suspected of receiving a bite from an Eastern Brown Snake should call for medical attention without delay. This species has the unfortunate distinction of causing more deaths from bite than any other species of snake in Australia."

The eastern brown snake's powerful venom can result in progressive paralysis and uncontrollable bleeding and the museum fact-sheet notes that human fatalities have occurred "as a result of bleeding into the brain due to coagulation disturbances."

Deadly Australia eastern brown snake
A deadly Australia eastern brown snake—which has enough venom to kill 20 adults with a single bite—is photographed in the Sydney suburb of Terrey Hills on September 25, 2012. A reptile catcher in Australia has released footage of a “chaotic” job that occurred this week during an encounter with the species. WILLIAM WEST/AFP/Getty Images