Woman Finds Python Lurking in Middle of Her Dining Room Table

A carpet python snake was found coiled up on an Australian resident's dinner table this week after likely entering the home in pursuit of prey.

An image of the constrictor resting on the homeowner's dining room table was posted to Facebook on Friday by relocation business Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher, which said the snake was discovered at a home in the town of Jimboomba.

"Carpet python from Jimboomba... ready for dinner... he's always welcome at ours," read a caption, posted alongside a separate video of the removal itself.

In the footage, the resident, who was not identified by name, could be heard saying that she discovered the snake resting and kept a close watch to ensure it didn't move while waiting for the arrival of the business's licensed wrangler, Tony Harrison.

After driving to the scene, Harrison noted the non-venomous reptile appeared to have recently preyed on another animal, which he suggested was likely an adult rat. Harrison said the snake likely believed it was sitting on a tree—not a dining table.

"However the rat has come in, [the carpet python] has probably followed it. They are a very common snake, and with you being in such a bushy area here they are a little more common. There are trees and bushes right up to this house," he said.

"He's probably just followed it and then thought he will chill on this timber ledge here, which he thinks is part of a tree but it's not, it's someone's dining table," he added.

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Carpet python's are widespread throughout northern, eastern and southern Australia, including around forests, rural areas, parklands, coastal heaths and suburban gardens, according to a species fact sheet published by the Queensland Museum.

It says: "This snake is active both day and night and can be encountered on the ground, in trees or buildings (particularly chicken pens, barns and attics). This species is non-venomous, but tetanus protection is recommended following bites."

The reptiles—which kill prey by suffocation—like to feed on mammals, frogs, lizards and birds. The adults can grow to reach lengths of about 10 foot, experts say.

Another removal business further north up the coast, Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, was recently called to multiple cases of pythons inside people's homes, according to its own posts uploaded to Facebook page this week.

On Thursday, wrangler Stuart McKenzie said a carpet python was found resting behind a cushion on a person's couch in Bli Bli, a rural town of the Queensland region.

"It was very comfy chilling out on the couch behind the cushion and I am sure it would have slept there all day," he wrote. "The lady had pets and didn't want them having a confrontation so she preferred the snake relocated to a nice patch of bushland."

On Monday,McKenzie said a homeowner in Peregian Springs was woken up at 1 a.m. to noises coming from their kitchen area—and found a python slithering about inside.

Carpet Python (Morelia spilota) stock photo
Stock: Carpet Python (Morelia spilota) stock photo. A carpet python snake was found coiled up on an Australian resident’s dinner table this week after likely entering the home in pursuit of prey. iStock