Authorities Arrest Asylum Seeker Who May Have Known About Paris Attacks

German authorities said on Monday that they have arrested an Algerian asylum seeker who apparently knew about the deadly Paris attacks early last week.

AFP reports that the unnamed 39-year-old Algerian man was arrested on Saturday in a shelter for asylum seekers in Arnsberg, western Germany, after he reportedly described what would happen in the French capital at least four days before the attacks occurred.

"He is said to have told other refugees the previous Sunday or last Monday that a bomb or bombs would go off in Paris four days later," a spokesman for Arnsberg prosecutor's office, Werner Wolff, told AFP.

It is not yet known if the man is linked to the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) that has since claimed responsibility for the attacks that left 129 people dead and hundreds wounded. German prosecutors are currently investigating if the man is guilty of failing to report knowledge of a crime, and if he was in fact aware of the attacks.

At least seven people were arrested over the weekend in Belgium in connection with the Paris attacks; five people have since been released. French officials also on Monday identified a Belgian national they believed to be the mastermind behind the attacks, known as Abdelhamid Abaaoud who also uses the name Abu Omar al Baljiki. He is now a prime suspect as commander of the Paris attacks, Reuters reports.

On Monday afternoon, French President Francois Hollande addressed both houses of the French parliament in Versaille, prompted by the deadly attacks. He said he is to meet U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin soon to "join our forces" against the fight against Islamic State militant group (ISIS) in Syria.

He also said that France will intensify airstrikes against the group and urged France to continue living and show "perseverance" and "unity" in the aftermath of the attacks.

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