Adam B. Kushner

Islamism Suffers as Voters Turn to Technocrats

Alongside exports, employment and growth, the financial crisis is claiming a less-talked-about victim: political Islam. In Muslim countries worldwide, voters have begun turning their backs on Islamist and other values-based parties in favor of dry but competent economic technocrats.Take Turkey, where the religious Justice and Development Party (AKP) suffered badly in local elections last month.

Where Every Vote Counts

Not for the first time, Israeli voters gave a firm mandate to … none of their candidates. In the coming weeks, centrist Tzipi Livni and hawk Bibi Netanyahu will try to assemble a majority coalition and become prime minister.

How Israel Could Win In Gaza

As Israel's operation in Gaza extends into week four, critics have begun to compare the assault on Hamas to the messy 2006 war on Hizbullah in Lebanon. Israel's "massive retaliation" against Hamas rocket attacks is "bound to fail," wrote Steve Cook, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, shortly after the conflict began.

Iranians May Warm To Obama

There will be no honeymoon for Barack Obama on the Axis of Evil. Though Obama campaigned on a promise to talk to American enemies whom George Bush had once shunned, including erstwhile members of his Axis of Evil—Iran, North Korea and Iraq—they responded by pre-emptively hardening their bargaining positions.

Asia's Nuclear Arms Race Begins in Pakistan

The danger that the U.S.-India nuclear deal will break down the international nonproliferation regime seems to be growing. Critics warned that aiding a rising power that has spurned international nonproliferation treaties could inspire copycat violations—and they can now point to the latest China-Pakistan deal as proof.Beijing recently promised to help Islamabad build two new reactors, even though China is a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), which bans nuclear trade with nations...