Adam Rogers

Jupiter Steals The Show

THEY LOOK LIKE LUMINOUS SPHERES against the velvet blackness of space. Last week NASA released a series of photographs showing three of Jupiter's 17 moons, with new details of intriguing geological action.

How High? How Fast?

LET OTHERS SEEK THE EPITOME OF Olympic greatness in the Mercurian speed of Gwen Torrence, in the Odyssean lifts of German superheavyweight Ronny Weller, in the nymphlike freestyle strokes of China's Li Jingyi.

Sorry, Wrong Berry

FOR A WHILE IT LOOKED LIKE A CLEAN bust. Bug-hunters from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration and health departments in 10 states thought they had tracked down the perp behind at least 1,000 recently reported cases of diarrhea, cramps and fever -- a nasty little protozoan called Cyclospora cayetanensis.

Take A Piece Of My Heart

THE ANNALS OF HEART DISEASE ARE full of failed treatments and faddish operations that gave desperate patients lots of hope but little help: the Jarvik-7 artificial heart, baboon-heart transplants.

An Early Warning?

IT IS THE GREAT ERASER. IT TANGLES neurons and fills the brain with sticky plaques that choke off thoughts and memories. In the end, Alzheimer's disease leaves its victims with severe dementia.

The Weight Of Words

ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE STRIKES WITH the subtlety of an advancing fog bank, rolling in gradually to wipe out memory, reasoning ability and, eventually, personality.

Smart Desk

SOMETIMES IT SEEMS like the standard desktop computer configuration evolved by accident. But just because it worked for the first IBM keyboard, monitor and central processing unit doesn't mean it'll keep working.

Now For Some Hotjava

It's easy enough to believe that people would rave about a more powerful computer or a hot new CD-ROM game. Consumers learned this year that, with enough hype, the world would drool over an operating system with as prosaic a name as Windows 95.

Take Back The Desk

Like demented pasta, cables ooze out of the back of the computer, eating up desk space and restricting work flow. One response: keyboards without wires. Sejin's discreet gray rectangle downsizes arrow and function keys to get a laptoplike profile, small enough to toss in a drawer when its day is done.

Keep The Lights On

Forgotten what it's like to be bricked up inside a vault? Instead of that dusty old Edgar Allan Poe anthology, reach for a new CD-ROM, called "The Dark Eye" (Inscape Windows/Mac hybrid CD-ROM $49.95), a first-person perspective game in which your peregrinations through a house trigger nightmares based on stories by Poe.

A Real Car-Toon

PUTT-PUTT SAVES THE ZOO" (Windows, $39.95), by the Woodinville, Wash.-based Humongous Entertainment, is probably the best kids' CD-ROM game on shelves today.

Auds Nix Net Pix

Hollywood is finding it difficult to parlay net fever into net profits. "Johnny Mnemonic," "Virtuosity" and "The Net"--derisively dubbed "netsploitation films" by the digerati--have had mixed-to-poor box-office grosses despite the presence of stars like Keanu Reeves, Denzel Washington and Sandra Bullock.

Less Shouting

Those much-hyped personal digital assistants (PDAs), like Apple's Newton, haven't exactly set the computing world on fire. But their day may finally be dawning: the American Stock Exchange has just announced plans to conduct trades using the handheld devices, beginning with options trading in mid-'96.

A Star-Quality Stargazer

Time to remember what really turns kids into tech-spouting brainiacs: space. The CD-ROM "Distant Suns: First Light" ($99.95), from San Luis Obispo, Calif.-based Virtual Reality Laboratories, evokes the same swelling of space-philia that comes from visiting a planetarium.

Floppy Flap

Rising tuition costs and increasingly large loans aren't the only financial issues facing college students; the latest threat to their parents' pocketbooks comes from mandatory computers.

Teaching Young Eyes To See

Art museums intimidate lots of adults; JUST think how kids must feel. Voyager's "With Open Eyes" ($39.95, Mac/Windows CD-ROM) should make children feel at home with some of the world's most famous and well-loved images, like Georges Seurat's "Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte" and Edward Hopper's "Night-hawks." The CD-ROM presents 212 objects from the Art Institute of Chicago's collection in a clever framelike graphical interface, and lets children examine and have fun with art through...

No Numbers

It figured, looking up freebie 800 numbers on the World Wide Web ( was just slightly too cook So now, fight when we get into it, the 800 numbers start to run out.

Maybe The Movie's Better

Say you're a 21st-century data courier with a top-secret information packet stored in your brain. The packet is too large for your wetware chips, though, so you've got to deliver the goods within 12 hours or suffer a fatal migraine.

Policing For Porn

Parents who want their kids to be plugged in to the Net, but would prefer they not be exposed to particle physics, need no longer fear--SurfWatch 1.0 is here.

Why The Tlc For Lcds?

Scientists have known since 1911 that liquid crystal displays--found these days in digital watches, calculators and some computers--need to be buffed before the crystal is added.

A Solar Car You Can Buy

MOST OF THE EXCITEMENT over electric cars comes from the fact that they don't emit polluting gases. But some of the buzz is due to the industry's barnstorming feel - small innovators have as much of a chance at success as the Big Three automakers.

For Cinephiles Only

If you're the kind of movie buff that goes around debating things like whether the Cloud City from the "Star Wars" trilogy had a better skyline than Los Angeles in "Blade Runner," then this film expo is for you. "Cites Cines 2," which recently opened in La Defense, a suburb of Paris, recreates movielike sets where you can view memorable scenes from films throughout cinema history.

A Borderless Dispute

A FEW DAYS BEFORE BORDER SKIRMISHES SPARKED between Ecuador and Peru early this year, the borderless Internet bosted a war of its own. Trouble began when the Ecuadoran Foreign Ministry put government communiques and local press clippings on the Internet to furnish cybercitizens with its version of the ongoing conflict.

New Way To Go Back In Time

Just a month after discovering paleolithic cave paintings near Avignon, the French Ministry of Culture made the historical find available on the World Wide Web (at gvpda.html).

Of Mice And Munchies

If there were a Stuckey's on the information highway, it would probably look something like Cybersmith, an upscale computer store and cafe that opened last Friday in Cambridge, Mass.

On The Web

Wine snobs now have more ammunition for stumping hapless waiters. Wine lists from as far away as Slovenia can be found at http:// odin community. net:80/wine/.