Adrian Carrasquillo

Politics Reporter
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Adrian Carrasquillo is a political reporter for Newsweek reporting on the 2020 election, who has covered national politics and Latino issues over the last decade for NBC News, BuzzFeed, New Republic, Politico Magazine, Texas Monthly, and others.

Adrian is passionate about including black and brown people in mainstream media coverage. He's looking to break news and cover your story first. You can send him scoops and tips at a.carrasquillo (at)

Democrats Prepare for Battle Beyond Election Day

As the late-summer turned to fall, Democratic groups were planning for all eventualities, including a contested election—and that was before President Donald Trump chilled his opposition across the country, refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power.

The Coming Clash on Race at the First Biden-Trump Debate

Some of the biggest debate fireworks in Biden and Trump's first debate battle could come on the issue of race, amid a backdrop of a nation roiled by the killing and shooting of black men by police, and dueling vision's for America.

Nevada Could Be The Michigan of 2020, Democrats Warn

Democrats concerned about a tightening electoral map in battleground states have new worries in the recently reliably blue state of Nevada, one they fear could be the Michigan of 2020 as a surprise target for President Donald Trump.