Advocates to End Human Trafficking Celebrate US Wins

Some signs this week of a sea-change in political attitudes to sex trafficking within U.S. borders. In New York, convicted sex workers who are victims of commercial sex trafficking will soon have their criminal record wiped clean. A State Department report, meanwhile, has acknowledged the severity of human trafficking within U.S. borders.

Are You There, Margaret? It's Me, Sarah.

Sarah Palin appears determined to secure an audience with former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. Eager to explore how much the two have in common, we thought we'd contrast some of their most famous statements.

Palin, Romney Play Chess in Tuesday's Primaries

Presumed 2012 presidential hopefuls are watching election results closely, to see if their endorsements mattered. Backing a winner could pay big dividends going forward, but picking a loser could tarnish one's star power.

BP's Global PR vs. BPGlobalPR

The actual statements from BP execs are sometimes just as ridiculous as the parody statements offered by the spoof Twitter account. Can you spot the difference?