Alisha Davis


By any normal yardstick, Jennifer Capriati isn't old enough to stage a comeback. But if your career takes off when you're 14 and tanks when you're in your late teens, who's to say you can't come back when you're 25?

Fashion: L.A. Style Is Ready For Prime Time

It's a classic Hollywood story line: a lonely outsider follows his improbable dream, only to find fans, fortune and fame. Four years ago, when Cameron Silver opened the Los Angeles vintage-clothing shop Decades, his block of Melrose Avenue was hardly a fashion mecca. "There was nothing but a few furniture stores, a falafel stand and for lease signs," says Silver.


The Big Elton/Em-brace Steely Dan? best album? didn't they break up in, like, 1976?" It was one of the many comments overheard at the 43rd Grammy Awards following the announcement that the most utterly irrelevant nominee in the top category won out over Eminem, Radiohead, Paul Simon and Beck.

A Cut Above The Rest

Cutting-edge is the best way to describe fashion designer Elisa Jimenez--literally. On Valentine's Day a client, Moran Nadler, was squeezed into Jimenez's three-room apartment-studio to have her wedding dress made.

Puffy's Fur Is Flying

Sean (Puffy) Combs sweeps into the Seventh Avenue showroom of his clothing line, Sean John. Publicists hover. Designers, managers and executives vie for his attention.


Ladies, don't believe everything you read: turns out it's safe to go out with George Clooney. The "Perfect Storm" star is raging over the November Elle, which warns don't date Beorge Clooney on its cover and runs a full-page photo of him alongside an article detailing an unsavory evening out with an unnamed movie star. (One of those details: the guy had a fetish for sniffing armpits.) Clooney denies he's the actor into odor, and created his own little stink-by-implication for the magazine.


Survivor in Orbit Maybe "Survivor" producer Mark Burnett is as sick of Richard Hatch as the rest of us. For his new reality show, he's teaming up with NBC to launch the contest winner into outer space.

Manolo's Big Moment

You wouldn't pick Manolo Blahnik out of a crowd as the fifth star of HBO's "Sex and the City." But that's just how Sarah Jessica Parker describes the shoe designer."We shot a scene this morning where Carrie is mugged.


Tobey Takes On Spidey Now that Marvel Comics' mutant X-Men have zapped the $100 million mark at the box office, it looks like every studio in Hollywood is digging out its dusty comic-book project and every actor in town is looking to don a pair of tights.

Jfk Jr., One Year Later

It's been a year since John F. Kennedy Jr.'s plane went down, but that doesn't mean JFK Jr. has been allowed to rest in peace. Last week brought "nude photos" and "shocking secrets" from the tabloids.

Guest List: A Royal Pain

It was supposed to be his party, and Prince William has every reason to cry. The royal family is throwing a big birthday bash on June 21, the day he turns 18, but Wills won't be able to go.

For Fun And For Profit?

If the price is right, we may get the chance to see everything Rick Rockwell missed on his wedding night. His former bride Darva Conger is working on a deal to pose nude for Playboy.

Taking Care Of Regis

Life's never been better for Regis Philbin, and he wants to keep it that way. Last Monday Philbin, 68, quietly underwent heart surgery to clear a blocked artery.

Free Summer Bizkits

It looks like Limp Bizkit will go pretty far to be your significant other. Last week the multiplatinum rock-and-and-rap band announced their 10-city summer tour would be free of charge.

French Connections

Supermodel Laetitia Casta found her fraternite just in time to quell a French uprising. Last week her countrymen were galled by reports that Casta--who was chosen last year to model as national icon Marianne for government statues, stamps and coins--was planning to make London her primary residence to avoid French taxes.

Where Did The Love Go?

When you're Diana Ross you can rewrite history. Last week she announced she's touring this summer with two former members of the Supremes. But fans who are expecting to see her reunite with Cindy Birdsong or Mary Wilson will be disappointed.

Critical Moment

Holy Smoke In Jane Campion's latest, an Australian (Kate Winslet) falls for an Indian guru, and her family hires a deluded American (Harvey Keitel) to deprogram her.

Live Like A Kennedy

It's sure to be the most discreet celebrity auction yet: the hip Manhattan loft where John Kennedy Jr. and his wife, Carolyn, spent their tragically abbreviated married life is being sold via a sealed-bid silent auction.

Panda Passages

What's black and white and read about all over? Not since FDR's beloved terrier, Fala, passed away in 1952 has an animal touched off the kind of mourning that greeted the death of Hsing-Hsing the giant panda at Washington's National Zoo.

Off Season On Broadway

She has delivered almost daily reports of her grueling rehearsal schedule. She's even shown off her dance leotard. Now, after months of feverish anticipation--at least on the part of the star--Kathie Lee Gifford is finally making her Broadway debut this week.

Did Sly Play The Tough Guy At Home, Too?

Rocky and Rambo may be blue-collar heroes, but according to his staff Sylvester Stallone insists on being treated like a king in his castle. Last week five former employees of the star and his wife, Jennifer Flavin, filed a $1.5 million lawsuit claiming they were unjustly fired by the couple after breaking a list of household rules the staff dubbed "The Emperor's 10 Commandments." Among the no-nos: making eye contact with Stallone and speaking to his mother.

Poor Little Rich Kids

Lucky for them it's the season of giving, because an awful lot of celebrities claim to be in need. "Diff'rent Strokes" star Gary Coleman, who declared bankruptcy after squandering $18 million, has set up a Web site trolling for money.

Thanks A Million

At last, someone wanted to be a millionaire--or at least had the guts to go for it. After weeks of mounting drama and skyrocketing ratings, John Carpenter, 31, became the first contestant to win it all on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." Like most of the show's questions, the final one was hardly Mensa-quality: "Which of these U.S. Presidents appeared on the TV series 'Laugh-In'? " Tricky Dick would undoubtedly be thrilled to be part of TV history.

The Virgin Teen Queen

She wears the skimpiest clothes and sports the brawniest boyfriend in tennis. But Anna Kournikova, 18, insists she's as pure as her tennis whites. "I'm still a virgin.

Dicaprio On Film

Thought the Leo Lovefest was over? Not in his mind. The star announced he's creating the Leonardo DiCaprio International Online Short Film Festival--a good deed saddled with an unfortunately endless, and self-centered, title.

Seinfeld's Engagement

Jerry Seinfeld got engaged last week--not that there's anything wrong with that. Or is there? After all, he's the quintessential Man Who Can't Commit. His fiancee, Jessica Sklar, dumped her last husband after only one month of wedded bliss when she found a better catch.