Andrew Bast

The New Jazz Singers Are Global

Once upon a time, the emblematic jazz singer was an African-American woman, serenading a smoke-filled room. Think Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. Today, a talented crop of cosmopolitan young singers are creating a new breed of jazz vocalist: the globalized chanteuse.

NEWSWEEK's First Listen to Norah Jones's New Album, 'The Fall'

  For the ailing music industry, Norah Jones is about as close to a sure thing as it's got. Every one of her first three records has gone to No. 1 both inside and outside the U.S.─she's sold more than 36 million albums around the world, and she's not even 30. "My first album was made by just throwing stuff to the wall to see if it stuck," she has said about Come Away With Me, which won eight Grammy Awards.

How Shakira Broke My Heart

 Photo: YouTube.comThe tickets to see Shakira at Madison Square Garden were supposed to be an innocent gift to my wife. We had no birthday or anniversary to celebrate, but Ana, who grew up in some half dozen countries around the world, already knew all the classics from the half-Lebanese Colombian-born international superstar, and I thought it would be a nice surprise.

Music: New-Time Rock and Roll

Falling in love with a guitar is easy to do. B. B. King named his Lucille. Elvis Presley affectionately dressed his in an embroidered leather jacket. Now a new crop of topnotch acoustic guitars revives the feel and sound of such classic models.