Andrew Murr

How to Build a Flame-Proof Home

An expert talks about what residents in California and other fire-susceptible communities can do to protect their homes.

Shutterfly: It's Picture Perfect

Shutterfly is the little Silicon Valley company that could. It survived the dotcom bust and now competes with two behemoths in the online photo industry.

Decades of Assimilation

Social scientists rarely get more than a passing glimpse as minority groups struggle to achieve the American Dream. But a pair of UCLA experts have just published a new book that offers a unique, 35-year, time-lapse view of economic and social changes among Mexican-American families.

Inside the Art Museum Scandal

As the California museum scandal unfolds, the government says museums should be very careful to make sure all artifacts are purchased or donated legitimately.

Call Them 'Cat' Burglars

For Gearheards, a catalytic converter is an anti-pollution device located on the exhaust system of every car and truck. For small-time thieves, "cat cons" are becoming a quick and easy payday.

Sossina Haile: The Power Behind Cooler, Greener Energy

Sossina Haile created a new type of fuel cell by default. In the late '90s, the Caltech scientist had an idea that she thought might dramatically improve fuel cells, the clean technology that converts chemical energy to electricity to power cars, buses and power plants.

Guilty Plea in Terror Case

A U.S. Attorney on the guilty pleas of two men in a homegrown jihadist cell, and the difficulty of deciding when to move in for an arrest.

SoCal Under Siege

Even as flames raced up the dry canyon toward his house in rural Agua Dulce, north of Los Angeles, Bob Baker refused to evacuate. In minutes, the inferno was roaring at his backyard. "It's all over," Baker thought.

Feds: Latino Gang Targeted Blacks

Federal prosecutors say a powerful Latino gang systematically targeted rival black gang members and innocent black civilians in a reign of terror.

Random Security: LAX's ARMOR System

Security officials at Los Angeles International Airport now have a new weapon in their fight against terrorism: randomness. Anxious to thwart future terror attacks in the early stages while plotters are casing the airport, security patrols have begun using a computer program called ARMOR (Assistant for Randomized Monitoring of Routes) to make the placement of security checkpoints completely unpredictable.

Airport Death: Family Keeps Options Open

The lawyer for a New York City woman from a prominent political family who died suddenly in police custody at the Phoenix airport hasn't yet decided if they will file a legal case.

A Vegas Crew, But It Ain't Ocean's 11

No one focuses on his good qualities, but say this much for O. J. Simpson: the disgraced football star still knows how to pull a team together. In Las Vegas for a pal's wedding—he was going to be the best man, natch—he took a detour instead, rounding up a posse of aging golf buddies and faux toughs for a self-described "sting operation" that ended up with nearly everyone arrested, including one of the alleged victims. (After assisting police, the other alleged victim suffered a major heart...

A Random Weapon in the War on Terror

To help combat the terrorism threat, officials at Los Angeles International Airport are introducing a bold new idea into their arsenal: random placement of security checkpoints. Can game theory help keep us safe?

Anatomy of the O.J. Simpson Plot

What really happened that night in Vegas? New details of the alleged scheme by O.J. Simpson and an unlikely group of buddies paint a fuller picture of what went down.

Inside the Juice's Bizarre 'Sting Operation'

O. J. Simpson's "sting operation" to recover personal memorabilia from a collector in a Las Vegas hotel room may have backfired in more ways than one. Vegas police will decide whether to charge Simpson in the armed-robbery investigation, which began after he and unnamed associates entered the room at the Palace Station last Thursday.

O. J. Simpson's 'Sting'

The former NFL star is questioned in a Las Vegas robbery just as his 'confession' hits bookstores.