Angela Merkel Speaks Truth to Multiculturalism

When Chancellor Angela Merkel said multiculturalism in Germany has “utterly failed,” the commentariat revolt was swift, and way off the mark. Merkel was accused of pandering to her right-wing constituency and lurching right in the face of rising anti-Muslim sentiment. Unjustly accused, she has delivered a refreshing, no-nonsense message that Germany, and other Western nations, should take to heart.

Lee Myung-bak: the Reagan of Seoul

Don’t be fooled by the recent signs of a thaw between the Koreas. Pyongyang and Seoul have discussed more family reunions on the divided peninsula, and $8.5 million in aid from the South to help the North cope with devastating floods.

After the Crash, What's Next for Poland?

President Kaczynski's visit to Russia was supposed to help heal a historic rift between the two countries. But as NEWSWEEK's former Warsaw bureau chief explains, that won't be easy. Especially now.

And Justice for None

A gripping new thriller examines the fungible concepts of innocence and guilt in Stalinist Russia.

Russia’s New Normal

The Cold War may be over, but that doesn't mean the threat from the Kremlin has entirely disappeared.

Putin’s Scary Side

Vladimir Putin presided over a much-thawed Russia, but his strong-arm tactics hearkened back to the days of Stalin.

Declassifying the Kremlin

A book of declassified documents reveals Stalin and his successors as trigger-happy liars who never saw a fact they couldn't twist.