Andrew Romano

The Legacy of John Lennon's Death

'Tis the season for John Lennon. The former Beatle had the misfortune of being murdered on Dec. 8, 1980, mere weeks after his 40th birthday, and so for the past few months we've had to endure a wearying deluge of documentaries, reissues, biopics, and exhibitions of the sort that only the twinned, round-number, life-bracketing anniversaries of an assassinated pop legend could possibly occasion.

Rick Perry Is 'Fed Up'

On Nov. 15, Rick Perry—who was just reelected governor of Texas after a decade in office—will release "Fed Up!," a book calling for a radically limited federal government.

The Anatomy of One Democrat's Loss

What happened to Rep. Scott Murphy? In many ways, Murphy was 2010's quintessential endangered Democrat, a centrist rookie in a rather Republican district who was swept into Washington during one of the left's recent electoral routs. His loss says a lot about why the Democratic Party will soon have to surrender control of the House.