Andrew Romano

Responsible Rider

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels is small, stiff, and unimposing, so why is he attracting legions of fans? Hint: it's not the motorcycle.

I Do, Too

While my colleagues get the details about marriage right, they miss the big picture. Or at least my big picture. For them, the irrationality of marriage is the reason why modern men and women shouldn't get hitched. For me, it's the reason they should.

The Dems' Secret Plan to Hold Congress

Everyone says that the Democratic Party is going to lose scores of congressional seats in November's midterm elections—even the Democrats themselves. But behind the scenes, the party is doing everything it can to ensure that its losses aren't nearly as bad as the pundits expect. Will the plan work?

Republicans Think Sestakgate Could Hurt Obama. Are They Right?

Watergate. Contragate. Monicagate. Troopergate. And now ... Sestakgate? For the past few days, Republicans have been buzzing about Joe Sestak's claim—now a few months old—that the Obama administration offered him a job in D.C. in exchange for dropping out of the Democratic Senate primary in Pennsylvania and (theoretically) letting establishment pick Arlen Specter cruise unopposed to victory. (Of course, Sestak refused, which is why he's now the nominee.) Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs...

Rand Paul Loses His Allies

You'd think, amid all the hubbub, that Paul could count on the support at least one set of allies: his fellow libertarians. But even they are turning against the Kentuckian. What did he do wrong now?

Palin-Backed Candidate Falls in Idaho Primary

Last night, almost no one in Idaho was happier than the supporters of a state representative named Raul Labrador. That's because Labrador managed to come from behind to defeat Vaughn Ward 48 percent to 39 percent in the First District's Republican House primary, even though Ward, a former Nevada state director for John McCain '08, had outraised Labrador nine-to-one ($1.5 million to $173,000) as a top-tier member of the GOP's "Young Guns" program—and had received Sarah Palin's coveted...

Now Pelosi and Reid Want C-Span to Broadcast the FinReg 'Debate.' Sheesh.

Earlier today, I gently mocked Barney Frank's proposal to televise the FinReg conference committee meetings. My argument: given that the real negotiations will still take place behind closed doors, TV cameras will probably do more to boost partisanship than transparency: Democrats will seize on the TV time to declare that any Republican who refuses to vote for the bill—which is what all of the as-yet-unnamed conferees are expected to do—is an enemy of Main Street.

Purity May Be Rand Paul's Greatest Strength. But It's Also His Greatest Weakness.

Rand Paul is a purist. If his qualifications for that title were ever in doubt, they're not anymore. Less than 36 hours after Kentucky Republicans chose Paul as their 2010 U.S. Senate nominee, the Bowling Green ophthalmologist has now plunged head first into a scalding vat of political hot water by declaring that the 1964 Civil Rights Act should not have prohibited private business owners from discriminating against potential customers because of the color of their skin.

The Rorschach Test

In the days leading up to Tuesday's electoral extravaganza--which featured heated Senate primaries in Kentucky, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania, plus a bellwether special election in the Keystone State's 12th District--the national political press struggled to find a fitting name for the event. "Turbulent Tuesday" was Politico's pick. "Incumbent Armageddon" was The Fix's.  For awhile, I stayed out of the debate.