Andrew Romano

What the Obama-McCain Rematch Really Means

 The one small firework at today's otherwise unilluminating health-care summit was set off when Barack Obama interrupted his former presidential rival, John McCain, and told him to ditch the talking points about "unsavory" Democratic shenanigans. "John, we're not campaigning anymore," he said. "The election is over."For those of us who enjoy political theater—and I'm assuming that includes everyone who's watching the live stream and reading the Gaggle at 2:30 on a Thursday afternoon—this...

Absurdly Premature 2012 Watch, Vol. 10: The Ron Paul Problem

Update: for my follow-up post on "The Ron Paul Opportunity," click here. The conservatives who flocked to CPAC last weekend might not have seen eye to eye on everything, but one thing they did seem to agree on was that the conference's famous "straw poll" didn't really mean all that much─especially after organizers revealed that the winner, with 31 percent of the vote, was none other than 2008 presidential candidate and long time libertarian congressman Ron Paul of Texas.

How Obama Ruined the Stimulus

Happy birthday, Stimulus! As you've surely heard—assuming, of course, that you're the sort of maniac who refreshes Politico 80 times a day and/or chooses to live in Washington, D.C.—it was exactly one year ago today that President Barack Obama and his merry band of Congressional Democrats (plus Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe) passed the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009--a.k.a.

Can Hayworth Beat McCain?

Can J. D. Hayworth─the former Arizona congressman turned talk-radio host who announced yesterday that he's running as the "consistent conservative" in the Grand Canyon State's 2010 Republican Senate primary─actually beat John McCain?

Absurdly Premature 2012 Watch, Vol. 7: Why Scott Brown Should Run for President

 Of all the ridiculous things that have been said about incoming Sen. Scott Brown (R) in the wake of his surprising win in true-blue Massachusetts last Tuesday—like that Brown somehow represents a nationwide repudiation of universal health care even though he voted for it and was elected by people who already enjoy it—perhaps the most ridiculous is the suggestion that he should immediately pass go, collect $200 million, and start running against Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential...

How Coakley Blew It in Massachusetts

  Nine days ago, on Jan. 10, The Boston Globe carried a rather heartening headline for Democrats: "Senate Poll: Coakley Up 15 Points." Now, on the morning of the Massachusetts special election pitting "If Brown wins, and he may, it will be the biggest political upset of my adult life." So how did this happen? Despite all the Democratic hand-wringing, garment-rending, and finger-pointing already on display in the press, the answer, I think, is actually pretty simple: the Coakley campaign took...

Absurdly Premature 2012 Watch, Vol. 5: Dean vs. Obama? Are You Serious?

Photo by Nick Davis, from Wikipedia. The dream, as a rather famous Democrat once said, shall never die. In this case, I'm not referring to the dream of a progressive future full of high-paying jobs, plentiful health care, and extremely large polar ice caps, although in the minds of its adherents, I'm sure these developments would be part of the deal.

Absurdly Premature 2012 Watch, Vol. 3: Why Hasn't Romney Weighed In on Obama's Afghanistan Plan?

Written by 2008 NEWSWEEK campaign blogger Andrew (Stumper) Romano, Absurdly Premature 2012 Watch is a weekly column that indulges our collective presidential-election fixation...even though the next presidential election is still, ahem, three years away.     In the 36 or so hours since President Barack Obama unveiled his plan to send an additional 30,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan, there's been no shortage of Republican reactions—especially from Republicans who want to run for president...

Why Corzine Will Probably Win in New Jersey

 Because it's Friday--and because I'm feeling a little mischievous, this being Halloween Eve and all--I'm going to make a wildly reckless prediction about the outcome of next Tuesday's gubernatorial election in my ancestral homeland of New Jersey: incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine will beat GOP challenger Chris Christie by a hair.