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Spring break is coming up--the perfect time to take your child to an art museum. But how do you get a videogame addict to appreciate Cezanne? Carol Weston, author of the new tween novel "Melanie in Manhattan" (Knopf. $15.95), in which the main character explores New York City cultural institutions, explains how to get them excited.Less is more.


Nicholas Johnson nearly died from what he thought was a shoulder sprain. Last year the 13-year-old from Stafford, Texas, made an awkward tackle in football practice and a few days later ended up in the emergency room with a fever of 40.3 degrees.


Nicholas Johnson nearly died from what he thought was a shoulder sprain. Last year the 13-year-old from Stafford, Texas, made an awkward tackle in football practice and a few days later ended up in the emergency room with a fever of 104.6 degrees.


Santa's not the only one with a naughty-and-nice list. Your boss, too, decides who gets a gift (a raise or promotion) and who gets a lump of coal (nada). Assuming you've worked hard all year, how else can you boost your chances of getting more than just a pat on the back? "If you really want a raise, ask strategically," says Robin Ryan, a Seattle-based career coach and author of "What to Do With the Rest of Your Life." First, compile a list of the new skills you've learned and the important...


Andrew Jack could hardly have picked a better time to come out with a book on Vladimir Putin. In the past two months, the Russian president has faced the worst string of terror attacks ever to hit Russian soil, from the coordinated bombings of two commercial aircraft to the Beslan school siege.


Long before Ikea and Pottery Barn became household names, there was Conran's. The British import, first opened in 1964 and known as Habitat outside the United States, was one of the original bastions of well-designed yet affordable furnishings.


For those who think everything tastes like chicken, there's now a duck that tastes like steak. The Challans, a 400-year-old breed once served to French kings, is making its American debut this fall.


In one of the worst spates of terrorism Russia has ever seen, 425 people are dead--blown up at a Moscow subway station, killed on two passenger jets blown out of the sky and, most horrifically, massacred in Beslan's School No. 1 on the first day of classes.


In Russia's worst outburst of terrorism since Soviet times, at least 425 people are dead, blown up at a Moscow subway station, killed on two bombed passenger jets and, most horrifically, massacred in Beslan's School No. 1 on the first day of classes.

Back In The Ussr...

Is Russian President Vladimir Putin using a recent string of devastating terrorist attacks as an excuse for tightening his grip on power? This week, Putin proposed placing strict controls over the election of governors and parliamentary deputies.

A Bloody End

Even as flames burst through the windows of Beslan's School No. 1 and rescue workers carried out corpse after corpse with missing limbs, Russian state television was putting a positive spin on things. "Practically the whole school is under the control of special forces," an NTV announcer repeated every 10 minutes this afternoon. "The vast majority of child hostages are alive." A few hundred yards away, volunteers loaded half-naked and bloodied kids, once dressed in their finest for the Sept. 1...

'We Need To Start A Dialogue'

In the last eight days, five terror attacks have swept across Russia: a bombing at a bus stop, simultaneous explosions that brought down two commercial planes, last night's subway bombing that killed 10 people and today's siege of a school in the province of North Ossetia, on the border with Georgia in the south.

The Verdict: Terror

After days of obfuscation, Russian investigators finally acknowledged Friday that terrorism probably downed one of two planes on Tuesday night, killing 90 passengers and crew.


Odi Kanter admits that applying Early Decision to Duke University was a strategic choice. Duke "was sort of a reach for me," says Kanter, who graduated in June 2004 from the private Buckingham Browne & Nichols School in Cambridge, Mass.


Racing to unload your home before the real-estate market tanks? Here's how to prep for that all-important first impression: the open house.De-clutter. Pack up your winter clothes, that extra sofa, your prized collection of ceramic roosters. "Start really moving out," says Lisa LaPorta, cohost of HGTV's "Designed to Sell." "Know that the house you're selling is not the house you live in anymore."Neutralize your space.


Technically, just 3 percent of the population suffers from excessive sweating. But who wants to sweat at all? Certain Dri ($5.71 at contains a higher concentration of the active ingredient found in most over-the-counter antiperspirants.

Design: Wallpaper Gets Down

Knitting needles, brooches and swing skirts aren't the only vintage accessories making a comeback. At last week's International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York--an annual showcase of high-end design for the home--a crop of start-up companies showed off a fresh take on something long associated with Grandma's house: wallpaper.

Esprit Redux

If you want insight into the business strategy of the reinvented Esprit brand, just pick up a copy of "Trading Up," a popular business book last year about the buying patterns of affluent American consumers. "I spent the time to read all 560 pages in English, and I tell you I was sweating like this," says Heinz Krogner, the clothing company's German CEO, mopping his brow.

The More Social Sex

Western culture is filled with examples of heroic male friendships. Lewis and Clark opened up the American West. James Watson and Francis Crick unveiled the DNA double helix, the secret of life.

Food: Start The Frothers

Even coffeemaking has turned into a competitive sport. This week America's Specialty Coffee Association names a new U.S. barista champion. tip sheet asked last year's winner, Heather Perry, 21, how to make the perfect cup of espresso at home.Invest in a good machine. "Price is a pretty good determinant of quality," says Perry.


Two years ago Bill Wohler and his wife, Lynn Brinton, left their jobs for a dream vacation. Brinton, who was working long hours as a public-relations executive, took a six-month sabbatical and Wohler, a software engineer, quit. "I thought to myself, this job isn't so great," he says. "And how many opportunities do you have to travel together?" Childless and in their early 40s, the Menlo Park, California, couple bought a bright red Jeep and headed for the hills.


They've made the leap from fast-food staple to stylish hors d'oeuvre. Sample the best gourmet two-ounce burgers at these upscale clubs and restaurants.POP BURGER, New York: This mod lounge and burger window serves chunky, juicy patties on toasted brioche buns. $5 for two at the window, $12 for three in the lounge. 212-414-8686.AURA, Portland, Ore.: Not a beef eater?