Anna Kuchment

East Meets West In Ohio

When Arata Isozaki speaks of east meeting west in his new building for COSI, a science center in Columbus, Ohio, he's speaking strictly in local terms. For his third commission in the United States, the acclaimed Japanese architect wanted to bridge two aspects of the Midwestern city.

Coke And The Colonel's Wife

The U.S. Army insists Col. James Hiett had no idea he might have been sleeping with the enemy. Since last summer, Hiett had been in command of the 200 American military personnel waging a difficult campaign against Colombia's drug traffickers.

A Little Help From Our Friends

It's no secret that a steady stream of international KLA volunteers has been flying into Albania's capital, virtually since the Kosovo crisis began. But NEWSWEEK has learned that hundreds of young ethnic Albanians from Western Europe have also been landing, unnoticed, in Skopje's international airport in Macedonia.

A Model Musician

Four years ago Nina Kotova was an up-and-coming model, sashaying down runways in Fendi furs and pouting for the pages of French Glamour and Cosmo. But when a British management company offered her the chance to play a debut solo recital in London's Wigmore Hall, she promptly abandoned the catwalk.

Murder And Mystery At Yosemite

For four weeks police, family and volunteers have combed the rugged terrain in and near California's Yosemite National Park looking for three missing women: Carole Sund, a 42-year-old mother of four from Eureka, California, her cheerleader daughter Julie, 15, and a 16-year-old Argentine exchange student named Silvina Pelossa.


When the the Guangdong International Trust & Investment Corporation (GITIC) filed for bankruptcy early this month, it shook international confidence in the ""ITIC'' sector--corporations that serve as foreign-investment arms of local governments.

A New Giant

EVEN IN THE MEGABUCKS world of mobile telephony, this one is big. Vodafone, Britain's largest and most successful cellular-phone company, is paying more than $60 billion for AirTouch, a leading U.S. concern.

Chez Benito

TO ESCAPE THE ILL WINDS OF war, Benito Mussolini and his mistress often relaxed aboard their 120-foot yacht, the Chryseis. If they could find comfort there, the ship's current owners are betting that a new generation of work-weary warriors will, too.

Here Comes The Euro

Not so fast. For now, the euro exists only electronically--that is, European consumers can make payments in euros by writing checks, charging their credit cards or making bank transfers.