Anna Menta

Senior Writer
Anna Menta

Anna is a Newsweek culture writer based in New York City. Previously she was a Film/TV writer at Elite Daily and an editorial fellow at BuzzFeed. You can also find her work in Cosmopolitan and sub-tweets. 

Sounds Like Teen Spirit

The creators of Broadway's newest hit musical thought their show was dead in 2015. Rabid young champions of the cast album proved them wrong.

An Oral History of 'Broad City'

The creators and their collaborators—Amy Poehler, Kelly Ripa, Hannibal Buress and others—talk about the early days, the classic episodes and the show's legacy.

Songs in the Key of Life

Nearly a year after the Parkland, Florida, shooting, Melody Herzfeld talks about how her students—including founding members of the Never Again movement—endured and healed through the power of song.

Bryan Cranston on 'The Upside'

"Why don't disabled actors have more opportunities to be able to be play characters who are disabled? It's good to have that conversation," said actor Bryan Cranston.

Melissa McCarthy, Drama Queen

The acclaimed comedian gets serious as the literary forger Lee Israel in 'Can You Ever Forgive Me?' Says the actress, "There's no difference in how I prepare."

Tony Shalhoub Gets No Respect

After eight years playing an OCD detective, the Emmy-winning actor lets it all hang out as the Amazon hit's fuming patriarch.

How Hasan Minhaj Followed His Dreams

Hasan Minhaj was told there was no place in stand-up for an Indian-American Muslim. His response? "I'm not asking for my dignity. I'm taking it on my terms."

Frédéric Lagrange Captures 17 Years of Mongolia

With their deep attachment to the spirit of the land, Mongolia's nomadic herders continue to live as they have for centuries. French photographer Frédéric Lagrange documents their lives in his new book, "Mongolia."