Anna Nemtsova

Smack Down

This year, Western troops will withdraw from Afghanistan after 13 years of war. Here's what they leave behind

Cinderella Nation

With the Winter Olympics on its doorstep, Abkhazia has been shut out in the cold

Russia: One Big Detroit

In Siberia, Stalin's heavy industries are going bust, leaving a trail of anger and despair

The New Mrs. Putin?

After the Russian president and his wife announced their divorce last week, signs point to a growing role for Putin's rumored mistress.

Georgia on Their Minds

A charismatic president and a billionaire prime minister fight for the country's soul.

'War' at the Bolshoi

The Russian dance company's artistic director has his theories for who burned him in a horrific acid attack.

Inside Russia's End-Time Cults

Cupping candles in their hands, wrapped in white silk and knit robes, nearly 3,000 people knelt on the snow in the middle of the Siberian woods. Tall pine trees served as the walls of their church; the stage for their chorus was carved out of ice.

Viktor Ivanov

The Kremlin drug czar keeps waging an uphill fight.

Don't Miss the Khvanchkara!

Georgian wines—including Stalin's favorite red—are making a comeback after a Russian embargo dried up business.