Anna Quindlen

Certain About The Unknown

Presidential campaigns are like the surface of the earth. Layers accumulate slowly over time. Soon the assumptions of today will be buried under strata of primary contests, opposition slime and debate fallout.

Disinvited To The Party

One of the complaints you hear a lot from readers when you're in my line of work and live in my part of the country is that you can't understand America from the vantage point of New York City.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Tomorrow. That's when the United States should begin to bring combat forces home from Iraq. Today would be a better option, but already it's tomorrow in Baghdad, in the Green Zone fortress Americans have built in the center of the city, out in the streets where IEDs are lying in wait for passing soldiers and every marketplace may be the endgame for a suicide bomber.The course of this war has been a consistent scene of carnage with ever-changing underpinnings.

Contrition as Leadership

When word circulated that the president would make a speech to the nation on Iraq in the new year, there was speculation about what he would say. Some suspected he would just repeat boilerplate sentiments about bringing freedom to Iraqis and making America safe from terrorism.

The Time Machine

Once upon a time there was a dollhouse. Santa brought it via UPS. The dollhouse was enormous, and when push came to shove--well, neither made any difference.