Arian Campo-Flores

Castro Tells the Truth About Cuba

He has outlasted eight U.S. presidents, survived countless CIA efforts to do him in, and his communist regime has remained in power for a generation after the collapse of his Soviet sponsors. So what does the leader of the 1959 Cuban revolution think now of the system he created? Last week The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg reported Fidel Castro's startlingly honest assessment: "The Cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore."

More Reasons to Lift the Cuba Travel Ban

Interest groups of all sorts--big business, farmers, human-rights advocates, religious organizations, even many Cuban-­Americans--have united to back a new congressional bill that would lift the travel ban and further loosen restrictions on U.S. agricultural sales to the island. Will hardline Cuban-Americans be able to defeat the bill?

The Resurrection of Charlie Crist

Not long ago, Florida's governor seemed like a dead pol walking. Tea Party favorite Marco Rubio was thrashing him in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate. Crist's 30-point lead had swung to a 30-point deficit; funding was drying up, as were endorsements. Now he's back, and ready to prove that centrists can win.

Woman On the Verge

Last Tuesday, the upper crust of South Carolina's Republican establishment gathered at the tony Spartanburg home of Karen Floyd, the state party chair. They'd come for a $1,000-per-couple GOP fundraiser, headlined by visiting Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota. Among the luminaries were Roger Milliken, a billionaire textile magnate who has donated millions to the party, and Robert Chapman, a retired federal appellate judge appointed by Ronald Reagan.

What Makes Alvin Greene Run?

Seated in his dimly lit den on a rural stretch of highway in Manning, S.C., Alvin Greene rattles off talking points for his unlikely candidacy for U.S. Senate. The 32-year-old unemployed Army vet came from nowhere to win the Democratic primary earlier this month, raising suspicions of dirty tricks. But another possibility is emerging: this was the quixotic quest of a strange man.