Barbara Kantrowitz

Tracking Your Period? There's an App for That.

When Steve Jobs introduced Apple's new tablet computer earlier this year, there were plenty of snickers about the menstrual undertones of the name "iPad." Now it turns out that the device—and its mobile cousins—are actually useful for, uh, tracking periods.

Can You Trick Your Body to Prevent Jet Lag?

My idea of the perfect getaway is to cross at least a half-dozen time zones—which means that I spend the first few days of nearly every vacation struggling to overcome jet lag.

Life Without Gender?

This spring, an Australian named Norrie May-Welby made headlines around the world as the world's first legally genderless person when the New South Wales Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages sent the Sydney resident a certificate containing neither M for male or F for female.

How Technology Has Changed the Way We Break Up

Remember the episode of 'Sex and the City' in which the girls were shocked that Carrie's beau Berger broke up with her via a post-it note? At the time, it appeared to be an abnormally cruel and cowardly way to leave a lover. But seven years later, it just seems so . . . 2003. Almost quaint, in fact.

Why So Many Women Are Mean Girls

They're CEOs, politicians, and reality-TV-show stars, but lately they've all been behaving like mean girls. "In our culture," says Rosalind Wiseman, author of "Queen Bees and Wannabes," "we get rewarded for mean-girl behavior, so we see adults behaving in ways that we typically assign to teens." Who's fault is that: theirs or ours?

A Guide to the 2010 Newsweek-Kaplan College Guide

By the time you reach the point of applying to college, you may feel that you've heard way too much advice from your parents, your teachers, your guidance counselors, your neighbors—even that guy who graduated from your high school three years ago whom you ran into at the movies last week.