Barbara Kantrowitz

The Soldier-Parent Dilemma

Mary Wax of Rohnert Park, Calif., isn't a soldier, but in September she found herself in one of the Army's toughest battles. On one side were her three children; on the other were two nieces and a nephew recently arrived from Fort Benning, Ga.

Still Shocking After A Year

The color photographs displayed in a Manhattan courtroom last week were unsparingly graphic. Jurors were clearly stunned as prosecutors displayed images of the Central Park jogger's battered face, her bloody torso, her bruised legs.

Glossy Home Companions

When the French magazine Elle crashed onto these shores five years ago the reverberations were felt by everyone from the editors of mighty Vogue to fashion writers on local newspapers.

High School Homeroom

Cambridge Rindge and Latin School is only blocks from Harvard Yard, but it is really a world apart. The only public high school in Cambridge, Mass., Rindge and Latin's student body is a cross section of the city behind the privileged university.

The Dangers Of Doing It

Street wisdom drives 16-year-old Meta Jones crazy. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are at record-high levels among teens, yet the kids Meta knows at Coolidge Senior High in Washington D.C., have more faith in superstition than science. "They believe in the 'quick-withdrawal method'," she says. "They think you can't catch anything if he pulls out quickly enough." A lot of boys don't worry, she says, because "they think it's the girls who catch [diseases] more easily." And everyone seems to...

The Push For Sex Education

In the past few years, many communities have tried various initiatives aimed at preventing teen pregnancy. No single approach works for every child or every school, but experts say that the most effective measures consist of a combination of education, health care and--most important--strong parental support.