Barbara Kantrowitz

Unmarried, With Children

Today's Single Mothers May Be Divorced Or Never-Wed, Rich Or Poor, Living With Men Or On Their Own. But With Traditional Households In Decline, They're The New Faces Of America's Family Album.

A New Battle Over Day Care

Are young children more aggressive when they spend a lot of time in day care? That appeared to be the disturbing conclusion of a study of more than 1,100 children in 10 U.S. cities released last week by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

The Parent Trap


A Reason For His Rhymes

He was not a doctor (the pen name was adopted when he wrote for the humor magazine Judge in the late 1920s). And he had no children. "You make 'em; I amuse them," he once said.

Teachers Wanted

Warning Bell: With A Million Veterans Ready To Retire, School Districts Are Sounding The Alarms And Calling In Emergency Recruits To Lead Our Classrooms. But Many Educators See This As An Opportunity To Improve American Schools And To Make Life Better For Teachers-- And For Kids.

Echoes Of The Breakup

Can children of divorce live happily ever after? That's the provocative question psychologist Judith Wallerstein began exploring nearly three decades ago with more than 100 kids whose parents had recently split up.

A Hard Day's News

Jon Stewart has never covered a war or uncovered a crooked pol. But that hasn't stopped him from tackling the really, really, really tough issues. Like the travails of a hero penguin in South Africa, or the need for nude weather forecasters in Moscow.

Britain's Birthday Girl

She doesn't officially hit the century mark until Aug. 4, but Britain's Queen Mum has been kicking up her heels for a while now, beginning with the big bash her oldest daughter (a.k.a.

Stop The Insanity

Take a deep breath and spend a week with the Lee family in Minneapolis. The three oldest kids--Anna, 12, Nathan, 9, and Kristian, 7--play one sport or another practically all year round. (Baby Ilsa is only 1i so she gets a break here.) Anna's the complete jock, participating in soccer, volleyball, basketball and softball.

Prince Charming

Will's World: On The Occasion Of His 18Th Birthday, The World Is Getting A Rare Look At The Man Who Was Born To Be The King Of England. The Shattered Boy Who Marched Bravely Behind His Mother's Coffin Three Years Ago Has Emerged A Thoughtful Young Man -- A Thoroughly Modern Monarch

Watching For Warning Signs

Seth Trickey was, by almost all accounts, a model student. On the honor roll at his middle school in Ft. Gibson, Okla., the 13-year-old attended church and had lots of friends--not the kind of kid who would open fire on his classmates.

Big Surf In A Little School

On the third day of school in Stoddard, N.H., 8-year-old Justin Holland, meteorologist for the week, makes a prediction: "It's going to rain. Guaranteed. I saw it on the news." His teacher Maggie Sergeant isn't sure. "Why don't we check out the weather map on the computer?" And so, for the first time that morning, the Information Age struggles to make its way through the woods of rural New England and into the three-room James Faulkner Elementary School (just 48 students in kindergarten through...

The New Age Of Anxiety

It is indeed an anxious season--nowhere more than in Littleton, Colo., where students return this week to Columbine High School. Some, like junior Lance Kirklin, whose face was shattered by a bullet in the massacre last spring, bear physical scars of the tragedy.

The Last Child Of Camelot

Her parents were two of the most famous faces of the century, and her brother's heartbreaking grin made front pages around the globe. But Caroline Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg has always steered clear of the spotlight.

When Sophie Weds Edward

The June 19 marriage of Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones is not an official state occasion. It's barely a royal wedding as these things go. In Britain, there's none of the hype that accompanied other such pairings.

Princess Of The World

Why did we weep? diana was not a saint; in fact, she was a sinner, as she herself admitted in a remarkably candid 1995 television interview. ("I adored him," she said of her lover and riding instructor, James Hewitt.) She could be, at times, foolish, outrageous, extravagant-even a little bit nuts.

Not Much Of An Honor

PSYCHOLOGIST DANIEL Kirschenbaum enjoys an increasingly rare distinction in the halls of academe: he is a tenured professor. That privileged position, generally bestowed after years of teaching and research, usually guarantees lifetime employment.

Keeping Your Kids Safe

THE WOODWARD TRIAL evokes working parents' worst fear: that the person looking after their kids is cruel or incompetent. While physical abuse is rare, experts estimate thattwo thirds of child-care arrangements are substandard.

Secrets Of The Ivy League

THIS IS THE TIME OF YEAR WHEN tens of thousands of the nation's top high-school seniors labor over applications to Ivy League and other elite colleges. They're doing their best to impress the admissions officers charged with the awesome task of selecting future leaders.

Diamonds Are Forever

DIAMONDS ARE THE ESSENCE OF purity in Hindu myth and a girl's best friend on Broadway. That range of symbolism is one reason George Harlow, curator of gems and minerals at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, thought these precious stones deserved a show of their own.

The Woman We Loved

He was the most eligible bachelor in the world, the future King of England. She was, quite literally, the girl next door, a 20-year-old who had grown up on an estate in the shadow of the royal family's Sandringham retreat.

A Murder At Harvard

IT WAS A BRUTAL CRIME BY ANY Standard, but the setting--a Harvard dorm--made it especially shocking. On May 28, 1995, junior Sinedu Tadesse stabbed her roommate, Trang Ho, 45 times before hanging herself in the bathroom.

Cradles To Coffins

LINDA CHU PREFERRED HER AC-commodations at the Century Apartments, a complex owned by the University of Southern California, to a regular dorm room because, she told the student newspaper last year, ""the residence halls are much more open-door ...

Those Cheatin' Hearts

It's not just the military. Sex and adultery can roll any office--and raise questions about what the rules are. THE HEADLINES HAVE been hot all spring, Frank Gifford in a tryst caught on video.

A New Pet Rock For The Digital Generation

SUMMER CAN'T COME TOO SOON FOR Steven Horvath. With school out, the 10-year-old Chicago youngster will finally have time to take care of his Tamagotchi. For weeks Steven has been defying his mother's orders and sneaking his palm-size techno-pet into his fourth-grade class. ""If you don't do something every four or five hours, it dies,'' explains Steven, who keeps the toy clipped to his jacket with a key chain. ""It kind of teaches you responsibility,'' he adds.