The Italian Idol

Forget about age, baldness, or any lines on his face—actor Toni Servillo is adored, admired, and desired.

A Certain Smile

Archeologists are trying to finally identify the real-life Mona Lisa by exhuming skeletal remains and DNA testing.

Debt Most Deadly

Recession and austerity fuel suicide in Italy—and the collection agency is exacerbating the situation.


They are the new 'boat people'— migrants and refugees forced to flee for Europe from Africa. Many have died making the journey.

Berlusconi Wins Confidence Vote While Rome Burns

Italy's 74-year-old prime minister narrowly won back-to-back confidence votes in the Senate and lower house of Parliament amid shouts of "coward" and a barrage of insults lobbed at him from opposition lawmakers as they cast their votes, and as students and anarchists rioted outside.

Berlusconi's Waterloo

The prime minister says he is confident he has enough votes to stay in power, but by any measure he will not have enough to effectively govern Italy. It may simply be time for him to step aside and let someone else try to lead the country.