Barbie Nadeau

Naples Suffers as Garbage Piles Up

Tons of rotting garbage have piled up in the Cava Sari landfill just outside Naples. Since Silvio Berlusconi's election promise to solve the Naples garbage crisis nearly three years ago, the landfill has been used to hide the Italian government's unwillingness to deal with the Camorra crime syndicate. Some residents say the prime minister should fix the problem or resign.

For Van Der Sloot, the End

Joran van der Sloot, the Dutchman thought to have killed Natalee Holloway, is a murder suspect again. By behaving like a sleaze for the last several years, he has already sealed his fate in the court of public opinion. Why do postadolescent perps behave like reality-TV stars?

Tracking Down Truffles in Tuscany

Most people who live in Italy for any period of time eventually become curious about truffles. It's not so much that Italian truffles, with their pungent smell and earthy flavor, are an acquired taste; they are simply hard to acquire, appearing on menus only at certain times of year and in certain regions.

White Truffle Tips

Truffles have been a staple in family homes in Tuscany and Piedmont for generations. Now an increasing number of area restaurants are featuring truffles as niche cuisine.