Italy: Naples Still Trash City

Naples is enduring yet another garbage strike. But if the rats, cockroaches and stench are familiar, the outcome may be different this time around.

Italians Stand Up to Mafia

Italian industry is pledging to banish the age-old practice of paying 'protection money' to the mafia, while brave citizens take to the streets. But can Italy really eradicate organized crime?

Author in Hiding From Mafia

After writing a best-selling book about the Neapolitan mafia, Roberto Saviano was forced into hiding. With Italian police arresting dozens of mafia suspects, he comes out to talk about his nation's fight against organized crime.

Murder Most Wired

Police in Italy have turned to the Web to unravel a gruesome and heartbreaking homicide mystery.

Perugia's 'Extreme Sex' Murder

An Italian judge believes that a young Seattle woman instigated a vicious 'extreme sex' killing. Her student friends say she is just a dorky sweetheart. Deconstructing the grim tale of Amanda Knox.

In The Driver's Seat

Not long ago Maserati was nearly bankrupt. Now it's growing fast while sales of the big three German luxury carmakers are falling. How'd that happen?

Uffizi Expansion: Making Room for Art

By 7 a.m. on a winter's day in the heart of medieval Florence, the queue for the Uffizi Gallery's ticket booth already winds around the block. Bundled against frigid winds off the nearby Arno River, thousands of tourists wait outside for two hours or more for a glimpse of the world's best collection of Renaissance art.

Luxury Without Labels

For some, nothing feels as luxurious as a designer insignia. Whether it's a massive C on the bow of glossy sunglasses or the offset LV on a well-crafted piece of luggage, the symbol plays a big part in announcing one's status.

Made by Foreign Hands

The town of Prato, just outside Florence, is not exactly typical of this part of Italy. Sure, it's got the requisite medieval wall, a handful of baroque churches and charming cobblestone streets.

OnScene: Anti-U.S. Protestors Flood Rome's Streets

A general rule of thumb when dealing with protesters is that they don't like to be tricked. So when hundreds of would-be demonstrators from across Italy took advantage Saturday of discount train tickets offered to those participating in the peaceful anti-Bush demonstrations in Rome, they were a little more than miffed to find their discount wasn't exactly a bargain.

Italians Revisit Mussolini's Fascist Legacy

The Villa Torlonia is one of Rome's last existing examples of 17th-century grandeur. But when city authorities recently unveiled its main palazzo after a $6 million restoration, the result was anything but majestic.

Stromboli, Italy: Building On The Volcano

The view from Punta la Bronzo Pizzeria on the upper reaches of the volcanic island of Stromboli is stunning. Tiny islands dot the turquoise sea in the distance, and dramatic cliffs tower above a black-sand beach below.

Let Them Eat … CSB?

Chef Heinz Beck's kitchen at Rome's exquisite La Pergola restaurant is arguably one of the best in the Eternal City, serving up innovative cuisine like cannelloni with duck, foie gras in kuzu béchamel, and venison in a pistachio crust with chestnut purée and persimmon jam to a discerning international clientele.

Balmy Biking

Now you can stay warm and manage to still look hot riding your Vespa this winter. Tucano Urbano, the leader in moped and motor-cycle accessories, has just added a line of fur- and cashmere-lined faux-zebra or -leopard leg aprons that recycle air from the radiator in order to keep you warm ($200 to $800; ).

The Relief Cycle

Last fall, when the Naples police were mopping up blood from the cobblestones near Piazza Plebiscito after a fatal Camorra shoot-out, the orchestra at the nearby Teatro di San Carlo opera house was preoccupied with another violent scene: the battle in Leonard Bernstein's "Candide." Given the violence outside, those inside the San Carlo had reason to believe it would be a good season; in the house's 270-year history, trouble in the streets has often translated into better attendance.

The Relics Return

The dusty Via Garibaldi is about as trendy as it gets in the northwestern Sicilian village of Trapani, known mostly for its salt mines and ferry terminal.

The Premiere of Rome

In one of the most captivating scenes from the 1953 Oscar-winning movie "Roman Holiday," a young Audrey Hepburn hops on a Vespa and weaves through the ancient cobblestone streets of Rome.

A Touch of Scandal

Forget red wine; forget pasta. Nothing, not even mamma, is more important to the average Italian than soccer. So when what looks to be the biggest money-laundering, game-fixing, mafia-esque scandal in the history of world soccer cripples Italy just weeks before the World Cup, what do the Italians do?

A Year of Cappuccino

Adjacent to the picturesque Piazza Santa Maria in Rome's medieval Trastevere district, the San Calisto coffee bar is the quintessential local haunt. Marcello, the owner, serves spectacular coffee just the way the trendy neighborhood clientele expects it.