Barton Biggs

Global Investor: Don't Wait To Hit Bottom

As this is written, the financial panic of 2008 is in full swing. Equity markets around the world are being slaughtered by waves of selling. The most recent debacle is the forced fire sale of Bear Stearns, but we can be sure that tomorrow and the day after tomorrow there will be additional disasters as financial institutions, hedge funds and individuals rush to de-leverage, setting off a vicious cycle.Wise men to whom we should listen respectfully (such as George Soros) are saying this is the...

Avoiding The Abyss

The U.S. stock market has just had its worst January start in history, and other bourses around the world are struggling. Yet by most standards, stocks are undervalued versus inflation and interest rates, and are cheaper than they were in 2002.

How to Beat Inflation

Alan Greenspan, the former chairman of the federal reserve, in his new book and in the excerpt printed in newsweek, writes that he believes America is on the verge of a gradual rise in inflation to a trend-line rate of 4 to 5 percent or higher.