Beatrice Dupuy

Staff Writer

Teacher Caught Using Drugs

The 24-year-old teacher, Samantha Cox, is seen in the video acting strangely in an empty classroom early Wednesday morning.

Jared Kushner's Peace Talk Strategy Takes a Hit

The president of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, rejected a call from Jared Kushner after the U.S. State Department threatened to close down the Palestine Liberation Organization's office.

Children Burned in New Viral Challenge

Students in France are rubbing chili peppers on one another, which is concerning parents and school staff, in the latest sinister social media challenge spreading in schools.

Russian U.N. Leader Trolls Nikki Haley

"Russia proves they cannot be trusted or credible as we work towards a political solution in Syria," Nikki Haley, U.S. ambassador for the U.N. said.