Human Rights Campaign Rates New Congress Antigay

The country's leading gay-rights group examines the record of all the members of the 112th Congress, and finds that it has lost its sympathetic majority in both chambers. What does that mean for its legislative priorities?

Obama's Choice of Daley Fits Mold for Embattled Presidents

Bill Daley, whom President Obama has just named to be his new chief of staff, is a banker, former Treasury secretary under Bill Clinton, and the brother and son of Chicago mayors. This may sound like a fairly typical Obama appointment, but it is actually a significant shift.

Why Journalists Aren't Defending Julian Assange

The possibility that Julian Assange will be prosecuted by the U.S. for his role in the WikiLeaks document releases could trample the First Amend-ment and threaten journalists. So why are they reluctant to object to it?

Looking Beyond 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Now that gays can serve in the military, their advocates will turn to partnership rights and protection from workplace discrimination. And the existence of openly gay service members may help them win those battles.

Haley Barbour's Historical Amnesia

With his rose-colored recollection of the Citizens' Council, the Mississippi governor belittled the pain of segregation and the struggle to overcome it. Will it sink his presidential ambitions? Probably not in the short term.

Is It Fair to Sue Madoff Victims Who Made a Profit?

Bernie Madoff's victims who made a profit are being sued by a government-appointed trustee. The purpose is to reclaim profits withdrawn in the last six years to pay back people who withdrew less than they put in. Is that fair?