Democrat Joe Manchin's Republican TV Commercial

Why is West Virginia's Democratic governor running ads touting his support for gun rights, problems with health-care reform, and opposition to climate-change legislation? It's about the identity politics as much as the issues themselves.

Would Raising Taxes on Rich Hurt the Economy?

Republicans, moderate Democrats, and even members of President Obama's economic advisory board say raising taxes on the rich will slow the economic recovery. But that's only if you don't do something smarter with the money.

Republicans' Blue-Collar Act

If you want to win over working-class voters it might be better not to condescend to them by hiring actors to imitate their "hicky"-ness, as the National Republican Senatorial Committee just did.

Crazy Candidate of the Week Winner: Carl Paladino

New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino threatened a reporter for questioning his unsubstantiated accusations against his opponent. That's just his latest antic. Sorry, Sharron Angle, you've been replaced.

In Delaware, Castle Refuses to Endorse O'Donnell for Senate

Democrats' luck in Delaware just keeps getting better, with the news that O'Donnell's GOP primary opponent won't back her. But they should not read too much into the news. Every other Republican is lining up behind O'Donnell and other Tea Party insurgents who won GOP primaries.

N.Y. Republican Governor's Race Upset

Another right-wing neophyte upsets the GOP establishment in New York. He is relentless in his fiscal conservatism and his attacks on the political establishment. In the GOP primaries, that's all you need this year.

Campaigning With Rangel's Opponent, Joyce Johnson

Joyce Johnson is challenging veteran Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) in Tuesday's Democratic primary. But even in this "anti-establishment" year, and even with The New York Times's endorsement, beating an incumbent is no easy task, and she's finding that campaigning is a major challenge.

Why New York Needs the Mosque

The debate over the "Ground Zero mosque" misses an important potential virtue of the project: what non-Muslim New Yorkers and visitors will gain from its presence.

Alan Simpson's Ill-Advised Word Choice

Everyone got worked up about whether former senator Alan Simpson, who is co-chairing the president's deficit-reduction commission, was being offensive in his recent comments about Social Security when what really matters is that he was being inaccurate and nonsensical.

Gun-Toting Blonde Foe Out-YouTubes Quayle

After former vice president Dan Quayle's son Ben came out with a dramatic campaign commercial in his race for Arizona's Third Congressional District seat, it seemed as if he would be the district's YouTube sensation. But his foe, Pamela Gorman, has her own aggressive ad.

If You Care About the Mosque, Why Not Us?

In a letter to the president, a leader of 9/11 responders asks why Obama can comment on the "Ground Zero mosque" but not on a bill stalled in Congress to care for the Ground Zero cleanup crews.

Esquire's Juicy Newt Gingrich Profile

The former House speaker and possible 2012 contender has led an interesting personal life, to put it kindly. Esquire spoke to one of his ex-wives for its insightful profile.