Peggy Olson Is My Pinup

Peggy Olson from 'Mad Men' (played by Elizabeth Moss) is every feminist-loving man's dream: a bold independent go-getter. Why she's the real sex symbol of the group.

Do Rural Prisons Benefit Locals?

States like New York send prisoners from the city to the countryside. To these smaller communities, the incarcerated bring government dollars, political power, and potential problems.

Making History by Running Away From It

South Carolina state Rep. Tim Scott is poised to be the first black Republican elected to Congress from the South in more than 100 years. But he says there's nothing too special about that.

Obama Chickens Out on Energy

In his address from the Oval Office on Tuesday night, President Obama eloquently laid out the case that we have failed to confront our dependence on fossil fuels, and that now is the time for us to do so. But he failed to use this opportunity to marshal public support for a logical, tangible goal that would reduce our destructive consumption of oil and coal.

Left Wing Says Senate Jobs Bill Falls Short

The original stimulus bill from 2009 offered subsidies for laid-off workers to extend their health-insurance coverage under COBRA, which is normally quite expensive. The period in which laid-off workers are eligible for COBRA subsidies was extended several times, but not in the House or new Senate versions of the measure.

Obama Demonstrates the Power of Regulation

Rules issued by the Obama administration on Wednesday expanding gay rights and protecting air travelers show that the president can make a difference in people's lives, no matter what happens in Congress.

Politics 101: How Not to Get Attention

GOP Senate candidate Rep. Mark Kirk falsely claimed to have won a prestigious war medal, but it's getting less attention than Democratic candidate Richard Blumenthal's misstatements about his service. The difference? Vietnam versus the Balkans, who broke the story, and Kirk actually served.

Remember the War in Iraq?

The Iraq War has practically disappeared from American political discourse. But just because there is no longer an election at stake over Iraq, the right course for us there is still a debate worth having.

The Problem With James Carville's Criticism of Obama

As the political wheel turns, the inevitable has happened: political pundits are debating whether President Obama has responded to the massive BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico with sufficient urgency. But why is an issue of lives losst and environmental degradation being reduced to a question of political calculation?

Economists Agree: Unemployment Will Stay High Through November

Economists from the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute (EPI), the centrist Brookings Institution, and the conservative Heritage Foundation may not all agree on much, but they agree on this: unemployment, which currently hovers around 10 percent, is not coming down significantly between now and November's midterm elections. "I'm not aware of labor-market economists who expect unemployment to drop significantly before the midterms," says James Sherk of the Heritage Foundation. "The average...