Ben Whitford

Creating a New Business Model

If you're invited to a planning meeting at the typical corporation, you'd be wise to pour yourself a big cup of coffee and bring your BlackBerry. But if you somehow secure a seat at the bimonthly product-review sessions at the Bendon Corp., prepare yourself for a show that's better suited for pay-per-view on cable.

Who Gets the Organs?

During the three and a half years she waited for a kidney transplant, retired paralegal Mia Ray left her home in Orange, N.J., every other day and drove to a dialysis center in nearby Livingston.

Mario Batali Inc.

Los Angeles is a city awash in buzz. but even the glitterati need to eat. And among the foodies, for whom where you get the next meal had better be as exciting as the next big-screen hit, the chatter's about a restaurant that won't open for five months.

And No Sticky Mess

Behind the faded storefront of the Closter, N.J., branch of Sandy Deck's Parties, Jack Naidrich turned 4 years old in style. Under the watchful eye of professional party hostess Eugenne Buenconsejo, Jack and a dozen friends gobbled pizza, stomped gleefully on a giant sheet of bubble wrap and danced to the Elmo Song.


'Rewiring' The BrainSawing open someone's skull for research purposes is a no-no, but brain scientists have found the next best thing. By projecting an electrical charge through the skull, they can now flick neurons on and off without ever breaking the skin.The technique, known as transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS, uses a $30,000 contraption to fire a powerful magnetic pulse into the cranium, creating an electric charge that activates brain cells.

An Unexpected Reprieve

When 6-month-old Tiffany was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis in 1972, her doctor warned her mother not to let her play with dolls. The girl would die before her 5th birthday, he said; why stir up maternal instincts she could not hope to fulfill?


Bailey Buffalow was 18 months old before she laughed for the first time. Born three months premature, Bailey suffers from pulmonary hypertension, a rare condition in which the artery carrying blood from the heart to the lungs becomes constricted.