Trump Putin lunch

Trump and Putin Briefly Meet in Paris

President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin briefly shared pleasantries Sunday in Paris, despite France's request that the two not hold official meetings that could "disrupt" the World War I commemorations.
Matt Drudge Kennedy Twitter

Drudge Blasts Fox News Hosts: 'Is It Really Funny?'

Matt Drudge took to Twitter Monday to ridicule an "Outnumbered" segment in which the hosts "laughed and joked" about the political impact of Cesar Sayoc's mail bombs and Robert Bowers's anti-Semitic Pittsburgh shooting.
Megyn Kelly Halloween

Megyn Kelly Defends Blackface on Halloween

Megyn Kelly claimed politically correct forces against "offensive" Halloween costumes are "cracking down like never before," with the "Today" show panel blasting an ever-increasing list of inappropriate outfits.