Will Trump's Tariffs Push Erdogan to Cave?

Holding a U.S. hostage and negotiating a weapons deal with Moscow provoked the Trump’s wrath—and tariffs. Will the sinking lira and increasing economic pain force the Turkish leader to give in?
Trump announces US pullout from Iran nuclear deal

The Art of No Deal

In the battle over the Iran agreement, the “Nixers” beat the “Fixers.” But that may push the Trump administration into the kind of multifaceted diplomacy he didn’t want.
Angela Merkel and Donald Trump, April 2018

Can Merkel and Trump Close the Distance on Iran?

After French President Macron apparently failed to persuade Trump to stay in the Iran nuclear deal, German Chancellor Merkel has a turn. Why it matters to Europe—and to a possible deal with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.
Xi Jinping Trump

The Art of the Nuclear Deal

Doing more of the same with China—cajoling it to help while threatening to punish its companies that do business with Pyongyang—isn’t working.