Bill Powell

Is ISIS Winning?

While Washington wrings its hands, the Islamic State is making gains and it's Iran that's fighting back.

The Not-So-Great Dictator

Add a crackdown on Christians helping North Koreans to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un's most horrible hits.

Russia's Oil Fire

As the price of crude crumbles along with the ruble, Russia peers into the abyss.

The Strong Horse

America has no chance of defeating ISIS unless it can win over the Sunni tribes in Iraq and Syria.

The Missing Despot: Has Anyone Seen Kim Jong Un?

Kim Jong Un, now 31, hasn't been seen in public in nearly a month, despite the recent convening of an important parliamentary session of the country's ruling party—the Korean Worker's party.

Wolf at the Door

With the U.S. and Europe distracted by ISIS, Putin is pressing on all fronts