The Accidental Art Mogul

Marian Goodman, tiny and softspoken, is one of the world's most powerful dealers. Her fortunes come from caring more about showing art than selling it. Blake Gopnik on her path to success.

Art's Big Brain

Three years into running the great Met Museum, Thomas Campbell proves he's not dumbing it down.

Let There Be Light

An old master teaches new tricks at this year's Venice Biennale—just what we need from art right now.

Art From a Time When Seeing Was Believing

For most of us, most of the time, our encounters with works of art come closer to genuflection than contemplation. As we rush by the works in our museums, we're more like Catholics crossing themselves by the altar than art historians working toward tenure.

Pablo Picasso: Guitar Hero

How a simple musical instrument inspired the Spanish artist to think out of the cubist box and create a symphony of work that would change art forever.

Philadelphia Museum Looks at the Peacock Male

To visit "The Peacock Male: Exuberance and Extremes in Masculine Dress" at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, it seemed right to don peacockery. A black velvet jacket in an Oscar Wilde cut appeared a suitable option. I might as well not have bothered.

Why Mac's Modernism Is Old

It could be that Apple's very latest, very greatest products might not be the last gasp of modernism, after all. They could be the first hints of a design so new, it barely exists.

Art: From Brooklyn to Abu Dhabi, With 'Love'

Brooklyn artists Jennifer and Kevin McCoy come off as the quintessential hipsters: he has 1970s shaggy hair, she wears mod-cool outfits. The McCoys' art, which gets shown around the world, is also very Brooklyn: ultra-low-tech videos and installations about movie culture, childhood fears, even the couple's first date—always packaged with a laugh and a wink.