Brad Stone

Hand Scans

Top-Secret Government facilities are no strangers to high-tech security. But housing projects? That's one of the improvements Light Associates made when they bought Chicago's 2,000-resident Marshall Field Garden Apartment Homes from the federal government in 1992.

Satellite Server

Those Technophilic Early adopters who plunked down serious cash for GM Hughes's Digital Satellite System (DSS) may soon have something besides 175 channels to crow about: an ultrafast connection to the Internet.

Digital Defenders

One of the hottest topics on the internet for the last month has been the now postponed execution of political activist Mumia Abu-Jamal. In 1882 the former radio journalist was convicted of murdering a Philadelphia policeman and sentenced to death; his execution was scheduled for Aug. 17.

More Kombat

There's nowhere to hide from the coming two-month blitz of "Mortal Kombat." One of the most popular and violent videogames ever, its premise-a martial-arts tournament where you must win the best of three fights-has spawned a cottage industry.

Guess Who?

Fake E-mail used to be the sole province of savvy computer hackers. Then, earlier this year, a Florida programmer named Ryan Scott created a World Wide Web site that enabled users to send messages that seemed to come from President Clinton, Bill Gates--or even God.

Looks Fishy

The ultimate low-maintenance pet has become even more so. NEC Corp. will soon introduce in Japan a system that displays prerecorded video footage of expensive and rare tropical fish swimming.

Hide And Seek

Programmers do have a sense of humor, and nothing shows it better than the hidden surprises they code into some of your favorite software. These are called Easter Eggs, because you have to hunt for them--that is, unless someone tells you where they are.