The Cloud's Chrome Lining

With the formal beta launch of Chrome, Google is trying to redraw the browser-war battlelines. But with Microsoft's Internet Explorer dominating 72 percent of the market share, why take them on—especially considering IE's home-team advantage of being built into every Windows machine?

Fast Chat With Blogger Brian Conley

The 2008 olympics showed off China's PR machine at its best. But blogger Brian Conley saw a different side of the Games: on Aug. 13, he was arrested and interrogated for 22 hours after videotaping a Free Tibet protest.

Q&A: Conan's Replacement, Jimmy Fallon

Last Week NBC Announced—as if we didn't know already—that Jimmy Fallon will succeed Conan O'Brien as host of "Late Night" when O'Brien kicks Jay Leno out of "The Tonight Show" next year.

White Milk In His Veins

Like most glam-rock gods, White Gold loves the white stuff. No, not the Bolivian marching powder—this guy gets high on milk. The dude drinks it mid-shred, right out of his transparent guitar.If you've never heard of White Gold, it's probably because he doesn't really exist: he's the star of a new advertising campaign from the California Milk Processor Board.