Brian Braiker

'No Moral Sense'

Despite congressional intervention, a three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit refused to order the brain-damaged Terri Schiavo's feeding tube reinserted, intensifying the fight over the fate of a woman who has become a symbol--some say pawn--for both the right-to-life and the right-to-die movements.

Social Insecurity

Although President George W. Bush has been traveling the country touting a new plan to overhaul the Social Security system, campaigning in 15 states over six weeks, the majority of Americans remain unswayed, according to the latest NEWSWEEK poll.

Young Frankenstein's Memoir

In 2005, Newsweek spoke with Gene Wilder, who lived in rural Connecticut in a house willed to him by his third wife, Gilda Radner, who died of ovarian cancer in 1989, to discuss his memoir, "Kiss Me Like a Stranger."


Newaye Daniel was driving across Boston when his phone rang. Actually, "sang" might be a better description: the phone started playing the tune "U Don't Know Me" by Southern rapper T.I.

Dances With Elephants

Denizens of Manhattan's painfully hip meatpacking district have surely already noticed the massive structure--148 shipping containers stacked in an elegant checkerboard pattern, jutting 672 feet out into the Hudson River--and pedestrians throughout the city may have found themselves face to face with enigmatic posters of Zenned-out elephants.


So now that you're hooked on your iPod, you don't mind exposing the world to those guilty pleasures buried deep in your playlists. Luckily, a swarm of companies is putting out speakers designed just for your MP3s.

Lush Life

VikingA fine stylist, Zailckas, now 24, is at her strongest when, armed with statistics, she castigates the advertising industry, charting alcohol's ties to date rape, MTV's "Spring Break" and Internet porn.

Fathers and Sons

The play treads familiar, even cliched ground, mixing satire, sadness and situational comedy with surprising earnestness (striking a false note when it reaches for a tidy conclusion in the final scene).

Art Cops

The Italian shopkeeper was lucky. Usually stolen art goes unfound for a decade or more--if it gets recovered at all: up to 90 percent of all stolen art is gone for good, according to the FBI.

Enter 'The Gates'

"The Gates," New York's largest-ever public art project, is the brainchild of husband-and-wife artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude. After all 15,000 bases are positioned along 23 miles of Central Park paths by more than 1,000 paid workers, 7,500 gates adorned with golden nylon panels will be slid into place at 12-foot intervals.

A Pound of Jeremy Irons

2004 was Jeremy Irons' year for supporting roles. The quietly ubiquitous Brit plays an opera diva's manager in "Callas Forever," and opposite Annette Bening in "Being Julia." But wait, there's more.

Huge Hurdles

Steve Francone was driving to the southern region of Sri Lanka early Thursday morning to help set up medical camps. "In a lot of these areas," the aid worker tells NEWSWEEK over a satellite phone, "supplies have been lifted in, but they have no distribution channels.

'Wyclef Jean Is a Carnival'

It's hard to get much bigger than the Fugees were in 1996. But when the Grammy-winning hip-hop phenomenon started to languish, it was founding member Wyclef Jean who emerged as one of the genre's most consistently eccentric and compelling voices.

The Persuader

More than 300,000 faithful turned out for the Greater Los Angeles Billy Graham Crusade over four days at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena last month. One of those people was William Franklin Graham III, Billy's self-described prodigal son, who runs the day-to-day operations of the Charlotte, N.C.-based Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Tivo for your iPod

See that fellow with the telltale white iPod wires dangling from his ears? It would be reasonable to assume that he's rocking out to his favorite tunes on his MP3 player.

Chow Time

Foodies bracing for the Thanksgiving onslaught of friends and family may be inclined to turn to a trusted resource for some last minute inspiration on Thursday.

Raising a Fuss

Indignation has been good to Barbara Ehrenreich. The political essayist and social critic has channeled her anger into 11 nonfiction books and countless essays and columns.

Hip-hop Poppa

Rap megastar Nas has described his style as "bold, daring, brave and honest." His double album "Street Prophet" won't come out till later this month, but fans have already gotten a taste of his lyrical derring-do on "Bridging the Gap," the record's first single: "Yeah daddy," he shouts out to his father, "love you, boy." The song is a collaboration with--and mini-paean to--his old man, jazz and blues musician Olu Dara. "My pop told me be your own boss/keep integrity at every cost," he rhymes.

Political Punk

Word has it that, with their new album, Canadian pop-punksters Sum 41 have gotten serious. Hard to believe from a band whose first hit, 2001's "Fat Lip," included lyrics like "Well I'm a no goodnick lower middle class brat/Back-packed and I don't give a s--t about nothing." But how many of today's rockers have risked life and limb in the Congo?

GENEXT: Horserace

The race for the White House remains just as tight among voters under the age of 30 as it does among the voting public at large, according to the first GENEXT poll conducted since the conclusion of the debates.If the election were held today, the two main candidates would be neck-and-neck among the youth vote, with 47 percent voting for Kerry and 45 percent for President George W.


Business travel may have suffered since 9/11, but those exclusive, limited-access floors at many upscale hotels are flourishing. "Club level" provides the weary road warrior with executive services like VIP check-in, private elevator, meeting room with coffee for clients and a floor concierge.


When Jack O'Kelley was planning his firm's Florida work retreat, he knew what he wanted: "a large, lovely spa." (Well, who wouldn't?) As a scout for Katzenbach Partners' annual off-site, he sought out all the crucial business amenities: conference rooms, work space and the obvious high-tech fixings.