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Genext Poll: Dead Heat

John Kerry's lead among younger voters has vanished as they become increasingly inclined to see the country as headed in the right direction, according to the first GENEXT poll conducted since the Republican National Convention in late August.If the election were held today, the two main candidates would be neck-and-neck among under-30 voters, with 45 percent of them voting for Kerry and 44 percent for President George W.

Is that a Garden on Your Roof?

Got a green thumb? Gardens are for amateurs; consider applying your talents with plants to your roof. A movement with, uh, roots in Germany is picking up steam in the United States that aims to ameliorate ecological problems from storm water runoff to urban greenhouse warming.

Is that a Garden on Your Roof?

Got a green thumb? Gardens are for amateurs; consider applying your talents with plants to your roof. A movement with, uh, roots in Germany is picking up steam in the United States that aims to ameliorate ecological problems from storm water runoff to urban greenhouse warming.

Bush's Bounce Back

One week after the conclusion of the Republican National Convention in New York, the latest NEWSWEEK poll shows George W. Bush's double-digit "bounce" narrowing to six points.

Three Years Later

Even today, it's nearly impossible to live in New York and avoid the daily reminders of what happened on September 11, 2001: The ongoing security warnings, the police dogs, the twin holes in the sky like front teeth punched out of a mouth.


Instant messaging is everywhere, but the industry still lacks standard protocols and safety features. Chats on most commercial messengers are easy to tap and even exploit: this month AOL and Yahoo announced they had found holes in their software that allow hackers to slip malicious code into computers.

GENEXT POLL: The Bounceless Candidate?

John Kerry is holding his lead among younger voters, even as President George W. Bush makes gains on his handling of foreign policy and the issue of terrorism, according to NEWSWEEK's first GENEXT poll conducted since the Democratic National Convention in late July.Registered voters under 30 say they prefer the Democratic candidate to George W.

The Fear Factor

Turn on the Olympics and what do you see? Empty seats. The Athens organzing committee says it has sold 3 million tickets, outpacing Barcelona and Seoul. But there's scant evidence of that on television.

'An Appeal to the Center'

Twelve years ago, when Bill Clinton accepted his party's nomination in Manhattan, the United States was a very different place--the political landscape was different, the economic landscape was different.


While their peers slog through Milton's "Paradise Lost" in freshman lit in fall 2004, many standout high-school graduates won't be anywhere near campus. Take Robert Padnick--he's working at Cartoon Network.

They Might Be Onto Something

The quickest way to get familiar with They Might Be Giants is to dial 718-387-6962. More often than not, the caller will get a busy signal. But patience and perseverance are rewarded with a new free song every day, as it has been since the early 1980s.

The Vice Squad

Although the John Kerry campaign enjoyed a rush of positive media coverage after announcing that John Edwards would be the Democratic candidate's running mate, it is still locked in a dead heat with the Republican ticket, according to the first NEWSWEEK poll conducted since Edwards was tapped.

Moon Rocks

If you know Laurie Anderson at all, it's probably through her fluke 1981 hit, "O Superman," from her experimental pop album "Big Science." But the classically trained violinist and avant-garde multimedia artist has been working consistently over the past 20 years and is in the final months of her most interesting gig yet: as NASA's first ever artist in residence.

GENEXT: Big Man on Campus

There has been significant strengthening of support for Sen. John Kerry among young voters, who give President George W. Bush his lowest approval rating yet, according to the latest NEWSWEEK GENEXT poll.

Keeping the Customer Satisfied

How do you feel about your cell-phone service? Ornery? You wouldn't be alone: A California consumer group sued three of the nation's largest wireless companies Monday, claiming cell-phone users are being unfairly denied the right to use existing handsets when they switch carriers.

An American Life

By the time he left the Oval Office in 1988, Ronald Reagan was one of the most popular presidents of the previous 100 years, second only to Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The 'Patriot' Search

Buying a home can be stressful, expensive and bewildering. "Essentially," humorist Dave Barry wrote in his 1988 book "Homes and Other Black Holes," "what you must do, in the Ritual Closing Ceremony, is go into a small room and write large checks to total strangers.

The Best Of The Nixon Years

About 20,000 pages of memoranda and transcripts of telephone conversations conducted by Henry Kissinger as secretary of State and national-security adviser were released Wednesday by the National Archives in Washington, D.C. The documents are remarkable in that--much like a series of recently released White House tapes secretly recorded by the president himself--they provide a snapshot of the inner workings of the Oval Office, of the president's complex relationship with Kissinger and of...

'Bullied And Pushed'

The Gandhi name has been synonymous with India's oldest political party for more than a century. But this week's tumultuous election--which saw Sonia Gandhi lead her National Congress Party to an unexpected victory--has ushered in a new era.

See No Evil

As details of the abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib became known, not everyone was shocked. A caller on Rush Limbaugh's show likened the torture of prisoners to "a college fraternity prank." The host picked up on the cue and started riffing. "Exactly my point!

Networking: So Happy Together

If you've got a fascination but are too on-the-go to build up your roster of casual acquaintances, is courting you. Billed as "Friendster for your mobile phone," Dodgeball lets you create a buddy list online.