Brian Byrnes

Is the Kirchner Era Over?

The Kirchners have reigned supreme as Latin America's most glamorous power couple for six years, but Argentina is turning on them now. Polls show Cristina will likely lose her congressional majority in the June 28 elections, even though her husband and popular predecessor as president, Nestor, is stumping as a lower-house candidate.

Even Teetotalers Will Find Plenty to Do in Mendoza

Even those who don't like wine can find plenty to do in Mendoza. Local vineyards have created a wealth of special activities and events to coincide with the grape-harvesting season in February and March. The Masters of Food & Wine South America (February 10–15) is a bacchanalian gathering of some of the world's top chefs at the Park Hyatt in Mendoza, who venture out to prepare meals in various vineyards throughout the province. Foodies can mingle with some of the globe's top gastronomic...

Owning a Vineyard of One's Own

Any host can pour a great vintage at a dinner party. But how many can say, "Try this 2007 Cabernet-Syrah blend from my private estate in Argentina"? A growing number of dabblers are buying pieces of vineyards and making their own wines.

The Capital Of Cool

The cobblestone streets of Buenos Aires's historic San Telmo district don't sing only with the seductive sounds of tango music anymore. A local band called Los Alamos plays country-roots rock in rowdy beer bars, featuring the mandolin-picking and harmonica-ripping riffs of former New Jersey high-school teacher Jonah Schwartz. "Nobody here even knows what a mandolin is!" marvels Schwartz, 26.An invasion of foreign artists is transforming Buenos Aires into an emerging international capital of...

Making Room

The fire that swept through a Buenos Aires textile plant on March 30, killing six Bolivian immigrants, left behind more than wreckage. The victims of the sweatshop blaze had no permits to work in Argentina, and their deaths pushed the government of President Néstor Kirchner to start up an innovative program that encourages illegal immigrants to register with local authorities.

'Subtropical' Paradise

Alaskans invariably have to venture far and wide to seek fame and fortune beyond the Great White North. In Kevin Johansen's case, he traveled nearly as far south as possible to make his musical dreams come true.

Two Views of a Firing

It's not necessarily about you. Global investors would do well to remember that as they watch the unfolding melodrama in Argentina. When quixotic President Nestor Kirchner fired his Finance minister, Roberto Lavagna, last week, the immediate fear from New York to Tokyo was that Kirchner was out to stick it to Argentina's international creditors once again.