Brooks Jackson Oily Words

Clinton and Obama shade the truth as each claims to be tougher on oil companies than the other.

Huckabee Attack Ad Runs Anyway

His attack ad appears on three Iowa stations. We find it somewhat misleading. Another ad makes misleading claims about tax cuts.

Huckabee Cut Crime and Taxes?

The truth is that violent crime was higher at the end of his term than when he took office, and he raised taxes more than he cut them. Summary In the run-up to the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses, Huckabee is running a TV ad featuring graphics that claim he was "tough on crime" and "brought Arkansas' crime rate down," and that he "cut taxes over 90 times as governor."In fact, the violent crime rate was higher at the end of his tenure than it was the year he took office.

More Mitt Malarkey

Romney repeats misleading claims about McCain's stand on immigration and his own record on taxes. GOP YouTube Debate Flubs

Summary The CNN/YouTube debate among Republicans lacked any talking snowmen, but we did note a few false and misleading statements by the candidates.