Carl Sullivan

Milk Meets Nixon

The surprise winner of Sunday night's Golden Globes? "Milk Meets Nixon." No, your author isn't suffering from a champagne-fueled Jack Nicholson/Elizabeth Taylor-like moment.

Can McCain Win Minnesota?

The Republicans were playing a little Electoral College math when they chose St. Paul for their convention. And indeed most news organizations' electoral maps consider Minnesota a swing state. (See NEWSWEEK's map and Karl Rove's analysis of the swing-state landscape.) Three recent statewide polls show Barack Obama leading, but only by slight margins.

Louisiana Delegation Weathers the Storm

By Carl Sullivan While Hurricane Gustav has wreaked havoc on the Republican convention's schedule, the Louisiana delegation that made its way to St. Paul has been especially distracted. "There's no question that our delegation is torn in our hearts and in our thoughts because we've been glued to the television, talking on the telephones, trying to get updates on what's happening," said state Rep.

A Commuter's Diary

My regular morning commute from Sunnyside, Queens, to Midtown Manhattan is fairly typical by New York standards. It usually takes 25 to 35 minutes, including a two-block walk to the subway, one change of trains, and a two-block walk from the subway exit to the office.

Attack in the Heartland

NEWSWEEK: It's hard to believe it's been 10 years.John Hansen: It's really hard to believe because it's still so fresh in the memory of all the emergency responders and survivors.How prepared were Oklahoma City officials for that day?We were probably as prepared as we could have been.

Lewis Cullman Works Hard to Give It Away

Cullman, 85, built his fortune through leveraged buyouts, after helping engineer what many consider the first LBO, of Orkin Exterminating Co., in 1963. After selling the At-A-Glance calendar company to Mead in 1999, Cullman started giving away his millions, supporting the New York Public Library, American Museum of Natural History and many other organizations.Cullman recently spoke with NEWSWEEK's Carl Sullivan about tsunami relief, the estate-tax repeal and his views on why more people should...

Tsunami and War

Many of the areas hit by Sunday's devastating earthquake off the coast of Indonesia and the resulting tsunamis are home not only to some of the poorest people in the world, but also to various rebel movements.

The End of an Era

IBM will no longer sell personal computers. It's an understatedly simple statement, but it describes a fundamental shift in the global PC market. On Dec. 7, Big Blue announced the sale of its PC division for $1.75 billion to Lenova, a Chinese PC manufacturer ranked eighth globally but virtually unknown in the United States.

Sources Say ...

When The New York Times sued the Justice Department this week to quash a federal prosecutor's attempt to access a reporter's telephone records, it was just the latest volley in an increasingly pitched battle over journalists' rights to protect their confidential sources.