Cathleen McGuigan

Filling The Void

One year after the terrorist attacks, the place where the Twin Towers once loomed looks like any big-city construction site. Swept clean of the last pieces of twisted steel, the 16 acres now thrum with the noise of bulldozers and cranes as work goes on to rebuild underground subway lines.

Saving Havana

One day in early 1961, just two years after the revolution, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara were playing golf. (True story.) Strolling a once exclusive course in a leafy suburb of Havana, they dreamed up the idea of putting a great art school on the fairway.

Moma Cops Street Cred

For the architect, the terms of the job were daunting: a tiny budget, an impossibly tight deadline--and a shelf life for the finished project no longer than a car warranty.

Saving Havana

If you drive west along the sea in Havana, through Miramar, with its grand villas lining the boulevards, and into the chic leafy suburbs of Cubanacan--home now to embassies--you'll eventually come to a strange and magical place.


BRANDYBrandy, 23, grew up before our eyes as a singer and the star of "Moesha." In the late '90s, she faltered under the pressure and struggled for years with her self-esteem.


PEG TYRE CATHLEEN MCGUIGAN JOHN GOTTI, 61 The flamboyant and charismatic Mafia boss long before Tony Soprano, Gotti was the mobster we loved to fear. He was dubbed the "Dapper Don" for his well-tailored suits and the "Teflon Don" when bribing jurors and intimidating witnesses brought him repeated acquittals.

Rising From The Ashes

On a lovely spring Saturday, half a dozen people were hunched over a map of lower Manhattan, with architects' tracing tissue stretched across it. They took turns sketching feverishly: a swath of green marker here for a park, a pair of brown lines there for a new street, two crisp squares of green to mark the sacred "footprints" where the Twin Towers once stood.

O Pioneers

"Oklahoma!" is the granddaddy of modern American musicals--the first, it's famously said, to use the songs to advance the drama, rather than to temporarily derail it.


Was Cindy a Turncoat? Cindy Crawford likes to do favors for her friends. Last week the supermodel turned mom returned to the catwalk after three years for Roberto Cavalli's fashion show in Milan. "I just love his clothes," said the 36-year-old mother of two. "At home I wear jeans and a T shirt, so it doesn't matter if I get mucky with Kaia and Presley, but then I put on a Cavalli top or trousers and I feel like a sexy mom rather than a frumpy housewife." (Yeah, right--frumpy.) But when Crawford...

Modernism For The Masses

There's probably no trendier house you could buy in Los Angeles than a vintage midcentury modern-all steel, wood and glass, with a flat roof and sliding doors that lead to a tidy patio, encircled now by mature trees and fragrant shrubs.Of course you'd need to write a whopping check for such a cool place today.

How Kool Is Rem

One night last month, just before Christmas, the Italian fashion house Prada threw a party to unveil its new Manhattan shop. But the scene that unfolded looked more like a movie premiere than the opening of a store, for heaven's sake: the velvet ropes, the flashbulbs, the crush of almost-famous faces.

A House With History

The house was called "Windshield"-for all its glass and its windswept setting-and it would turn out to have a history as dramatic as its name. In 1936, John Nicholas Brown, of the old and wealthy Rhode Island family, commissioned the modernist architect Richard Neutra to design a summer house for him on Fishers Island off the Connecticut coast.

A Tree Grows In Midtown

New York is still shellshocked from September 11, and the city's cultural institutions, such as Lincoln Center, are waking up to a sober new year of postponing their capital ambitions.

Up From The Ashes

In a packed midtown-Manhattan hall one evening last week, 400 architects and design buffs got together to talk about the future of the New York City skyline.

Kipling, Cummings--And Kennedy

So we moved out, sad in the vast offing, having our precious lives, but not our friends. --The OdysseyIn the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Caroline Kennedy has been turning to three poems--the one above from Homer and two excerpts from the great Greek dramatists, Sophocles and Aeschylus.

Flying High

You're leaving the Delacorte Theater in Central Park after seeing the new production of Chekhov's "The Seagull," and suddenly you see something eerie under the dark, looming trees.

It's A Pop-Up World

Artists, photographers, filmmakers and poets all have paid tribute to the power of architecture. Think of Monet's paintings of the Rouen cathedral or Alfred Stieglitz's images of New York City.

Arts Extra: Before Bilbao

This summer on the East Coast, some of the biggest art museums have nudged aside exhibitions of paintings and sculpture in favor of architecture. In New York City, two museums are collaborating to show the work of the legendary modernist Mies van der Rohe; the early work, "Mies in Berlin," is at the Museum of Modern Art while "Mies in America" is uptown at the Whitney.

Arts Extra: Designing Men

Jacques Herzog, one half of the ober-hip Swiss architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron, stood on the steps of Monticello last Monday as a golden twilight began to fall on the mountaintop mansion near Charlottesville, Va.

American Beauty

What would you wear to ride an elephant? In 1962, on a state visit to India, Jackie Kennedy climbed aboard such a beast wearing a pale yellow silk dress with little cap sleeves and a pair of white gloves.

Mega Museum, Riv. Vu

President Clinton wasn't the only pol burnishing his legacy while everyone else sweated out the recounts. Last week New York's Mayor Rudolph Giuliani announced he'd back the Guggenheim Museum's plan to build a huge arts complex, designed by Frank Gehry, on three city-owned piers in lower Manhattan.

Critical Moment

Our Opinionated Guide From One to Five Stars MOVIESBounceGuilt-ridden Ben Affleck falls for widow Gwyneth Paltrow. Nice chemistry, but slim pickin's from the maker of "The Opposite of Sex." D.A. ***Despite the valiant efforts of Jim Carrey, Ron Howard's extravaganza is more frantic than funny, more cluttered than charming.

A Role He Can Feast On

Oooh, the marquis would have liked this!" Geoffrey Rush says with a gleam in his eye, as he bites delicately into a little foie gras ravioli in chestnut broth. "He was a bit of a gourmand.

Designing Smarter Schools

In the middle of the drug-infested Rampart neighborhood in Los Angeles there's a bright patch of hope. Out of an abandoned strip mall, a talented architect has created the wildly colorful Camino Nuevo Charter Academy for 270 local kids.